(B) No Extradition to Milano! Solidarity with the NoExpo-Struggle

Freedom for the 4 prisoners in Mailand!

At the 10th of December a court in Athens will decide about an extradiction of four NoExpo-Actitivts. Their facing up to 15 years in jail. To show our solidarity we put today some banners in Berlin and send greeting to all, who are affected by the answer of the Italian state to the great riots in Milano at 1st of May.


The opening of the Expo was an important moment for all, who face the everyday struggle and who want to fight back.“ autonomia diffusa after the 1st of May in Milano.


The Expo in Miliano is history. But the social struggle, that people are fighting for a long time now, is still remaining. The riot at 1st of May were a strong and militant way to express these struggles. This is one reason, why the answer of the Italian state is repression. After first trying to weaken the resistance with house searchings, evictions and arrests now more arrests followed.


At 12th of November eight people were arrested in Milano and Athens. Two other comrades – a Greek and an Italian one – are on the run while four more from Milano and Como and another one from Athens are charged and under investigation. All of them are accused of taking part in the great NoExpo-Protests.


Political police DIGOS talked at a press conference about 600 GB-worth video and photo material, fingerprints and DNA samples, warning about more arrests to come in the search of „international masterplan“ behind the riots.


The comrades from Greece are now facing their extradition under the European warrant. At the moment they're free but have to show up at police stations regularly. In Milano they're facing an accusation for arsons, devastation and pillage - „devastione e sacceggio“, a legacy crime from the facist law that was never abolished after the fall of the regime. The sentence for that is up to 15 years in jail. https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/159445


In Italy and Greece comrades did some first actions in solidarity, to stop the extraditions. Today we also put some banner in Berlin: Freedom for the prisoners in Itlay! No extradition!


Another trial already started in Milano at 12th of November. A comrade from Frankfurt was arrested like some other activists during an eviction of some squatted flats in Milano a few days before the NoExpo-demonstration. After one week in jail he was extradited to Germany. Kundgebung vor italienischem Konsulat in Solidarität mit angeklagtem Genossen vom 2.11.2015 . His trial will be continued in January.


There were plenty of good reasons to fight in the streets of Milano: The actions and demonstrations expressed our will to fight together against gentrification and displacement, precarious working conditions and exploitation. Let us bring our social struggles together!


A lot of international activists followed the invitation from our Italian comrades. We also wanted to support their social struggles in different places in Italy. If the answer now is repression with more evictions of squatted houses and more arrests, we should organise together again to support the ones, who face repression now.


Stop the extradition! Freedom for the prisoners in Italy! Solidarity with the comrade from Frankfurt!


Let's bring our social struggles together!