Erfurt: Demonstration against Deportation

No Border. No Nation. Stop Deportation.

Speak out at the demonstration agains deportation: People, please wake up!


For weeks, families and single people are deported and brought away. Amongst them were politically active people who have struggled against oppression. People are torn from their lives, losing friends and the little security they have in germany. People are deported back to the situation they were fleeing from. They are pushed back to war, racist discrimination, poverty, religious persecution, hunger and many more. All these are not single cases, but structurally organized crimes by the German government. It is a long tradition of pushbacks and chasing away and destroying of non-white people. It is more important than ever to know about it and to do something about it!


Deportations are a racist practice, Germany destroys countries worldwide, so people flee here. Asylum is a human right and not a privilege. There must be an unconditional right to stay for all people.


Get into the Lager for Refugees, make contacts, get informed where to find Lager and support the people who are threatened with deportation!


Stop Deportation – regardless of country of origin


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Don´t talk - just do it! stopp deportation - stop the racist war agains rom_nja and all other person. organize yourselves!