Call for demonstration againt the eviction of the SC4A

Plakat zur Demo für das SC4A: »Asylverschärfung á la 90er? Hausbesetzung á la 80er!«

A roof over every ones head – solidarity with refugees has to become practical and politic! – On 25th of November we squatted the old Posthouse in Neukölln. We thereby tied on the connection of October, when the former building of the Technische Universität in Englische Straße was squatted.


What was demanded on October and what we, again, demand now is very simple:

We want a house as an answer to the precarious roosting situation of refugees which is at the same time an open space of getting together, of social and political exchange between refugees, aid initiatives and political organizations. We call this space "Social Center 4 All", a social center for everybody.

There we can organize and connect legal consultation, sports, language courses and other useful things. At the same time we and the refugees can develop a collective place to discuss how we can lend weight to our common interests in this country. We want this space, we need this space.

The city however, which since many months isn't willing to take care of the most elementary needs of refugees, doesn't want us to have this space. Let's recall:

The city that is forcing hundreds of people to sleep in parks doesn't want us to create an emergency shelter. The city that isn't informing any of the arriving refugees properly about their rights and even withholds them their rights, doesn't want us to create a space for legal consultation. The city that isn't taking care of supplying the refugees with food, cloth and shelter doesn't want us to create a space that is open for aid initiatives.

The city that took away the Oranienplatz and the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Schule from the refugee-initiatives doesn't want us to create a space of political exchange and discussions. We will not accept this and we will not stop to demand what we need.

We call you for next Saturday to take to the streets with us to have a loud and powerful demonstration.


Saturday the 28th / 15:00 / Oranienplatz / Berlin-Kreuzberg