Paris: Attacks against „Cultural Industry“ and „Hedonistic Life“? Some thoughts after the killings in Paris and other places around the world

A life counts, but there's a diffenrence in the value of life In any case it's complete shit to kill people, in any case it's complete shit to let people die, in any case it's shit to make people suffer. Regarding this, it is a crime that people are forced to leave a place that they live but circumstances deny living there, that they are made to risk everything to go elsewhere (and on top of this, being made to suffer again). It is a crime to attack people as representatives of a state or certain way of life. It is a crime to attack people due to being different from you, seeing them as aliens. Regarding this, it is a crime not to be sad in the same way about people being killed by the systems and mechanisms of this world, whatever they are.


Safe life?


The attacks in Paris showed, and wanted to show, the vulnerability of the feeling to live in a safe place, to lead a secure and happy life. This did attack all people who live a secure life, although some of the people who were killed may not have lived a safe life. There is countless people who don't live a secure life at all, but this is not discussed as a sad thing in Europe, and in fact, seen as a threat for the 'good life' in Europe. Some of those who live without security are dying on their way to seek a secure life, but still there is no global comments of solidarity from the worlds prime ministers.




A lot of public reaction towards the attacks are 'only solidarity' can get us through this crisis. Maybe they wanted to attack those who lead an easy life, sitting in a bar or consuming popular music or football. In all respect to those who died and their beloved, I'll bring up some thoughts concerning solidarity. Maybe it is important to think about capitalist exclusion and about solidarity. But before talking about this I make clear: Those attacks can never be understood as a claim for solidarity and those who organized it don't show solidarity to comrades or poor people. But there is one point in blaming “western decadence” while refusing to share resources with migrants and poor people. Maybe solidarity would mean to share the good things in life, to have just one drink and share with another, to share a space, communal housing. Solidarity means to show empathy for the families of those who die in the Mediterranean Sea, or those who manage to survive. Solidarity against Deash means to radically support Kurdish comrades who fight them and fight at the same time for an emancipatory society in autonomous regions. If this doesn't mean to me to move my ass to YPJ fighters this means to move at least the asses of those in power in Europe who use the killed people in Paris and elsewhere to get Europe one more step militarized in the inside and outside.


Not being killed yet, but getting a life-perspective killed


The German news quickly reported about a guy from Montenegro whose car was stopped and searched in Germany and lots of weapons where found. It is assumed he wanted to drive to Paris – this may be correct. After the attacks in January in Paris the news showed several reports about men from Albania joining Daesh – this might be right as well. The German government has just decided that those states are „secure states“ and people coming from there wanting to live in Germany have no longer any „staying perspective“ in Germany. Just today I spoke to a person from Albania. This father of three kids explained in which ways there is no „living perspective“ in Albania at all. So apart from people dying in wars, crisis or on their escape, there is an incredible amount of people in the world not having any hope of a secure, livable or happy life at all.


What might come up?


So the chance of a happy life is a rare privilege, there will be a lot more fights or wars to reach or to keep this good. This lack of the possibility to reach this good should bring together and not let fascist nor bourgeois powers to win with segregation. It is not an option to let fascist movements grow, to blame the poor and excluded and to watch laws building up fortress Europe faster and faster, recolonize southern Europe resources and Arab as well as North African governments and people. Hollande claims to be victim of an act of war, Merkel promises any kind of support, prime ministers of Europe decide to stop taking refugees, western societies want to unite – I'm wondering with whom. There is talks about whether this is a case of NATO alliance and there are rates in Belgium going on. Yaeh, Deash need to be fought back. But also the slowly publicly upcoming fact of a Nazi and racist problem in Germany can't be silenced by Paris attacks. The asylum laws and the reestablished Dublin system lead to mass deportations. In this situation there is not many profiting from an intensifying European war. And not to forget: Europe is already in war time: f. e. France is already making war in Syria and Germany is still supporting wars by selling weapons – lastly to Qatar. War is a way to stabilize economy, ergo capitalism. Also fascist forces might profit from it.


Repression and Resistance


I am fucking sad and angry about so many people dying due to capitalist, religious, fascist, repressive or conservative violence. This happens in Kurdistan, in Burkina Faso, in India, in Northern versus Southern America, against the Aborigines and in racist politics empowered by fascist attacks all over Europe. Having in mind, that there are comrades fighting those structures all over the world there is no way to „be united“ in Europe as Europe against the outside, but to unite against fascist, capitalist and repressive structures wherever they appear.


The article “November 13 attacks : Reject the murderers and let's protect the spirit of Charlie!” wants to remind the spirit of Charlie Hebdo. If this means to act against segregationist politics: fine. But if this want radical left and anarchist movements to unite against Muslims, refugees or poor people I reject.

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Saludo Compañerx,


Thank you for starting the communique even though I don't see the point in stating where the person who's car was stopped in germany was from, or from where a number of people joining DAESH? might have been from, since this to me only tends to further contribute to the hegemonial anti-immigrant sentiments that create the perception of people without or with non-local documents as potential terrorists, fearful, menace or criminals and overall enemies to be blamed for the faults, that the oppresive system of capitalist auhtoritarian so-called liberal democratic societies carry within their very core, that is and remains profit accumulation by any means against all backdrops on our lives that go along with it.


Either way the point that I want to make here is that, despite of the fact that I appreciate your effort of critically adress the false words of solidarity spoken by some heads of state and ministers who contribute to their own suffering and the one of the masses of people on a daily basis, the communique poses a good opportunity to further the debate and ask questions about how what's happened contributes to underpin nationalist ideologies by repetative statements in the media and by individuals on how poor france (not paris, not the victims, but the nation!) suffers from so called islamist terrorism while completely forgetting about asking who thinks to profit from those attacks and would therefore most likely stand behind them.


I can asure you that islam does not profit from an attack in the banlieus of paris and neither does IS. To the contrary people of islam religion will face even more resentments (at borders, in society at large, etc.) after the attacks and the IS is now likely to face an even greater alliance of ideological driven enemies rendering it's legitimate or illegitimate aspirations for an islamist state even more difficult.

For all those self-proclaimed occidental leftists out there and even the western KP that proclaimed  their "solidarity" with France as a nation by demonising the IS, maybe one should first look at all the fanatically religious unsecularised and repressive militarist states actively engaged in wars against their own people or against occupied territories before blowing the horns for the former anti-communist forces now calling for war against a proclaimed axis of evil and an alleged threat posed by islam.


Have you ever heard of any minority religious or whatever minority movement (and islam without a doubt is still a minority movement in u-rob/EU) that attacked the sites, areas and surroundings of the working poor in an urban metropole like Paris?, just too lose grounds on their own potential base of support?


Even though just like you've stated every life lost is a misery and every life is of equal value, still up to this day no attack in this fashion that I've ever heard of, if not from a nationalist-fascist group occured in a economically poor area or was adressed against economically poor people, but rather rich and public surroundings, tourist sites, rich city-districts and above all mainly infrastructures and not people.

All of this leaves me with more than a questionmark on who, despite of the claims of IS, really drew the strings or called IS into the Paris attacks of 2015.


The questions keep us trodding on..

A luta continua, even if its only in a webforum



"legitimate or illegitimate aspirations for an islamist state"


wow, that`s a great idea that the struggle for a "califate state" as designed by the measures  implemented by IS in the territories they did conquer might be a legitimate issue. Seems interesting to be an anarchist!

.. and tell them the cure is some antipsychotic medication, much better than captagon. or in the end anarchists deliver the weapons for the struggle against common enemies?