New information on the case of Tobias


On December 29th, 2009 Tobias P. was released from Moabit prison. As expected, the public prosecutor’s office represented by Pamela Kaminski has filed a complaint against rescinding the arrest warrant. Although no written justification has been published yet, an examination of the case by the next highest authority, the District Court, will most likely follow, which would result in reimprisonment in case the District Court allows the objection.

Regardless of the withdrawal of an immediate suspicion as well as the cancellation of the arrest warrant two weeks ago, at least three fourth of the mail sent to Tobias while in jail are still being withheld. According to the prosecution this is true for at least 76 postal items which have been either confiscated, copied for the case file or returned to sender, however, not without considerable delay. The latter is due to an alleged lack of capacity at the office for postal inspection.

Further interferences in postal traffic were justified with the hope to collect information about the Left as well as a possible motive. It is fairly obvious that this justification is another pathetic attempt to construct incriminating information which has been the case in earlier proceedings, e.g. the case of Alexandra R. In this case the prosecutors have also tried to use mail against Alexandra which had been sent to her while she was in prison. In court this kind of information did not have any evidentiary value.

More information will follow. Freedom for Tobias!