“Es reicht, ya basta, it’s enough, كافيةأنها – Antiracist Demonstration

Ya basta

Gotha, and the area around, did come off well relating to rascist propaganda. The rascist organisation of „Thügida“ (which means „Thuringians against the islamification of the evening land“) did organize 2 demonstations in the city of Ohrdruf (10km next to Gotha) in the last year, and there was one nazi-demonstration in Gotha in april this year. But the situation seem to change, in a dramatical way.


In Waltershausen (also a small city next to Gotha), there was a rascist demonstation with over 500 patricipants, who did demonstrate against a refugee camp in Waltershausen. In Ohrdruf there is also a conclusion of nazis, german rascist and so called „afraid peoples“ (they called themself this way, we just call them rascist and fascists). They fear the refugees in Ohrdruf, take pictures of them and try to beat them up. The situation at the refugee camp in Ohrdruf is also very dramatic. Most of the people only got a very less amount of food. The doctor did just came a few times, and there were just 4 people treated in 4 weeks, which is more than unhuman. The next thing is that the refugees didn’t get their money since a few weeks, so they couldn’t buy any food or stuff they need. The security company who is „protecting“ the camp, seems also to be a conclusion of rascists. They are having parties in the night and insult the refugees. We have to change this situation and destroy the conclusion of nazis, rascists „afraid people“ and the state.


So we are call up for a demonstration, at the 10th of october at 02:00 PM, through the city of Gotha, to show our support to the refugees and show the nazis and rascists what we think of them: NOTHING!