Maurice Konstantinov: Nazi agitator in Freiburg-Herdern

Maurice Konstantinov

This communiqué can be found in German, in English and the original in German with English quotes.
About 10 minutes from the Bertoldsbrunnen in the bourgeois quarter Herden in Freiburg lives one of the most heinous Nazi agitators that we have come across during our anti-Fascist research until now: Maurice Konstantinov. We’ve noticed the “Kind Lampshade Maker” already several years ago on the Nazi forum which has been closed down by now. We have tried hard to identify him ever since. Although he published ten thousands of hate postings and posted under multiple online identities he managed to conceal his true identity for years. Even when he publicly declared in 2010 that the spokeswoman of the town of Freiburg casually knew him his hate postings did not stop as she only informed the police about his true identity. Most probably, not even his girlfriend or their kids have been informed. Up until now, Konstantinov bloodthirstily posts hate postings each and every day. With his propaganda following the historical national socialist example, he prepares a new holocaust.


The following lines have been published by Konstantinov in a US Nazi Forum. They give an impression of his profound hatred and his national socialist belief: “Gypsies have that typical horse-textured hair, that camel nose and those assasin eyes. Expect her to kill you in your sleep and make off with your wallet. Since they originate from the Indian sub-continent, bodily features are appearant. Case in point: That spine curvature forwards and those close together breasts. Note the tone of the excrement-colored skin. And imagine a big red dot between those Asiatic-looking brows that probably were plucked from a unibrow. Truly a Subhuman. Like Jews, Gypsies like wearing a lot of ornamental JEWelry. Jews wear different kinds of jewelry though. More stones. I bet if she opened her gob, some gold teeth could be seen. You know, the kind shifty used car salespeople wear as well as carnival owners. They are good for one thing, though. Geobbels used to keep a certain tribe of them and farm them for medicinal purposes. The tribe he kept had genes somewhere between ours and chimpanzees. This made them suitable enough for research.”


The “Turk Hunter” from Herdern


Maurice Konstantinov lives in the Stefan-Meier-Straße 165 in 79104 Freiburg, his telephone number is 0761/2924544. He lives together with his partner in a flat on the second floor of a building owned by the “Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Heimbau Breisgau eG”. His partner has a diploma degree in in pedagogy and she works in adult education, as a mediator and psychodramatists. She has been a member of the managing board of the “free democratic school Kapriole”. Her daughter has finished the Kapriole, her son still goes there. It is rather irritating that all three of them do not make the impression to agree with the ideology of Maurice Konstantinov. The same is true for the Kapriole which has a profound leftist background. Still, Konstantinov used the computers at school to spread his hatred. In one Nazi forum he wrote: “I’m using a computer at my kids’ school, tonight and the site shows all the files of which I downloaded a few already.”


Maurice Konstantinov is 58 years old, he has one brother and one sister and speaks English, German and Italian. He grew up in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit in Michigan, USA. He used to live in London, Lübeck and Freiburg. Besides his online hate speech he tinkers with used bicycles in the basement. Afterwards, he sells the bikes via small ad. He prefers to paint his bikes in Nazi colours to spread his propaganda message in the streets of Freiburg: “Since, I live in Germany, I decided to convert the red, black or white ones to correspond to the true German colors. Perhaps, some kind of subliminal messaging might get conveyed.” Prospective customers should be urgently warned though as several of his clients have complained about accidents due to his amateurish repair work.


Contributions to the Freiburg participatory budget


In the citizen forum for the Freiburg participatory budget Konstantinov uses the handle “The Stig”, a fictitious character from the British TV show “Top Gear”. Regarding the “Integration of people with migration background” he writes in March 2013: “I am here in Europe since 1984 and I have seen with my own eyes how quick the landscape changes here. No more than 2 generations and there will be Amselfeld conditions. You won’t be in charge any more because of your birth rate and you suicidal immagration politics. Clearly, the ruling politicians don’t think about their great-grandchildren.”


From time to time, his contributions are unintentionally funny. One example is his reasoning in the thread “Relativization of the litter pollution?” In his view, litter pollution of the Dreisam bank will lead to a rise of trade tax. Due to the litter pollution he sees an inevitable rise of rats and then of martens: “The marten causes damage because he multiplies because of the flood in plenty. The car repair shop collects money by repairing the damages. This will lead to more trainees and in the end higher trade taxes will end up in the city treasury.”


Bike nerd, car nerd, tool nerd, gun nerd


Konstantinov uses multiple online identities to participate in several tech forums. He talks shop at and, chats about cars at and and he posts in that he likes to buy his batteries at Omega – probably without knowing that the shop assistand Dirk Allgeier is another Nazi. It’s eye-catching that the forums are virtually without exception purely male dominated communities as is Konstantinov participates as “Chisel Head” for years in “the largest general-interest shooting community on the Internet”.


By his own account, Konstantinov owned several guns in the USA, among them pistols and a shotgun. But he wanted to get a gun here, too: „I was planning to go out and get a 9mm, in the near future. But, these other gems suddenly broadened my horizon. However, I reside in a country with one of the most srtringent firearms laws. But, I’m close enough to gun-liberal (in comparisson) Belgium and to the countries of eastern Europe. However, the 9mm variety is likely to be the easiest to obtain”. He asked a user from Italy: “How difficult is it to buy a firearm in Italy for export? And, is it worth going through all the paperwork to obtain a handgun legally?”


Vanguard News Network Forum


For more than 10 years, Konstantinov posts nearly every day in a number of right-wing forums. He used to have an account on, he published on and still posts on But his main forum is the, the fascist “Vanguard News Network Forum” from the US. His postings are characterised by extremely repulsive statements. In particular, he is a antiziganist full of hatred: “I’d like to teach Gypsies a few beardance steps, before performing medical experiments on them”. His inhuman postings are motivated by his racism: “The reason behind racial hygiene is to cull inferior genes from the gene pool.”


Besides open agitation, Konstantinov's mission seems to be collecting alleged proofs for the “decline of the white race” and photos and lists of his enemies in order to kill them after a national-socialist revolution: “I personally think that there are a sufficient amount of rights which have already been taken away, a long time ago, to justify a revolution. However, this would never succeed, without military back-up. Thereafter, those who have commited treason will have to be brought to pay their debt to society. Otherwise, the revolution would be short lived. Once the media has been freed, society can begin with serving justice and this can be documented for future generations to take lesson.”


“Kind Lampshade Maker” and “Samuel Toothgold”


In 2007, Konstantinov started the thread “Regionalnachtrichten (local news)” on using his cynical pseudonym “Kind Lampshade Maker”. Meanwhile, he is calling himself “Samuel Toothgold”. Both nicknames prove his hate-filled antisemitism. “Kind Lampshade Maker” is a reference to the (historically unconfirmed) lampshades made from the human skin of jews by order of the sadistic Ilse Koch, the wife of the corrupt commander of the Buchenwald concentration camp, Karl Koch. “Samuel Toothgold” is a combination of the Jewish first name Samuel and the toothgild as an antisemitic code for a “rich Jew”. In addition to these nicknames, Konstantinov used many more on in the past: “Nick Nolte/Der Fuhrer/King Lampshade Maker/Turk Hunter are the same person.”


Konstantinov describes the goal of the “local news” thread with the words: “This is a "thread" to amend our knowledge about local anti-white crimes which get mentioned by big magazines seldom to never”. Using titles as “Nigger escapes cablecar fare through violent means”, “Two gypsy swines caught trying to commit burglary because of slack border controls” or “Open borders: north african chimpanzees snatch money away from passerby” he collects everything he can find in the press of South Baden and Switzerland about criminal acts he attributes to his enemies. He has collected dozens of photos of school classes and birth announcements to document the decline of the “white race”. Much to his regret, Konstantinov noticed the dismissal of Andreas Strittmatter by the end of 2008 of the Freiburg newspaper Stadtkurier: “My news source dismissed a Nazi minded journalist”. Back then, it was not publicly known that Strittmatter wrote texts for the Freiburger website of the NPD which still existed at that point of time. Even after his dismissal, Strittmatter kept in touch with the local NPD.


Marked like prisoners in concentration camps


Sometimes Konstantinov publishes self-made photos, too. For example, he took photos of people in 2009 who queued for a meal at a Freiburg food bank. He used the title „Soviet Jews at Freiburg Food Bank“ to publish photos on which he had marked people with triangles which resemble Nazi concentration camp badges: “Those marked with a triangle are Jews from the former Soviet Union except the fat one with the red T in the triangle. I’ve only seen her from behind. She looks like a Jew who is a customer there but I cannot be sure without getting her face in my sights. Those people who are depicted here are obese and well-organized. They block the counter fridge from the Whites and deal out the best goods among themselves. They speak Russian, Ukrainian and sometimes Yiddish.”


Maurice Konstantinov wrote in much detail about the murder of the Sinti boy Armani in 2014 who lived in his direct neighbourhood. He knew the boy before his death (“Kwaps” is spoken language and means “Cops”): “I saw several Kwaps ringing bells at a welfare apartment building which was adjacent to a multi-ethnic (to the point where very few Whites brought their kids there) playground where an 8-year old Sinti Gypsy male was reported to have been last sighted. I was on my way to the store, as these Kwaps were ringing bells and then I saw about 20 or so of these Sintis gathering outside a welfare apartment building located at the next corner. I immediately thought maybe one of them was wanted for some violent crime against one of their own. Before I reached that gathering, I saw what looked like a leaflet hanging out of a mailbox and thought it wasn’t a good idea to fetch it while Kwaps were roaming around. The Kwaps were carrying what looked like boards which clamp leaflets together. Sure enough, I found out yesterday that this 8-year old was missing since Sunday, as soon as I received one of those weekly free newspapers everyone gets dropped into their mailboxes. I saw the kid frequently, as it was walking a small dog.” Konstantinov marked the appartement of the boy’s family as well es the playground where the boy was last seen on Google Maps photos.


“Option of no return: Simple extermination.”


In the thread “ to deal with them?”, Konstantinov describes two options which are feasible from his point of view: “Humane option #1: They must be dealt with as with any other Mud. Take control of all telecommunications, except for police band. Round them up at 4 in the morning and transport them to collection terminals. No suitcase-packing or any other time-wasting nicities. Perhaps, let them go to the bathroom. Maybe, some of them will slit their wrists, in there. Any resistance should be dealt with on a terminal basis. Ship them across the Bosphorous Straits, within the shortest timespan possible. Option of no return #2: Simple extermination.”


When the French police stormed Roma camps and deported hundreds in 2010 following orders by Sarkozy, Konstantinov commented as “Kilted Blob Chaser” – the account currently uses a photo of Beate Zschäpe as avatar – on that there are only three methods to expulse the “tinkers” permanently: „1- The hermetic sealing of the French border which would be environmentally catastrophic and enormously expensive. 2- Performing amputations (donor kidneys, castration, visible extremity severing), tattooing, branding or alternate forms of disfigurement prior to expulsion, in order to discourage voluntary re-entry. The consequences being international sanctions imposed by organized neo-liberal regimes. (...) 3- Outright extermination would be the most consequential- and irreversable form and also the most controversial which would provide short-term relief for French society. (...)“


“The only way to fight them is on a lone wolf basis”


Konstantinov, writing as KLM, raised the topic “The Racial Nightmare - Gypsies“ on Here he described his vision of how to deal with the abhorred “Gypsies“: “They seem to have powerful central comitees. Here in Germany, Gypsies are above the law and, more or less, like Turks, somehow untouchable. They are allowed to set up camp where indegenous people do not dare, without fear of police-initiated dispersion. Their refugee camps are never searched for stolen goods and they are frequently caught, a´ flagrante in the middle of a break in. If you lay a hand on them and get caught, it’s labeled a "Hate Crime". The only way to fight them is on a lone wolf basis. This way, nobody can bare witness against you“.


Like Breivik, Konstantinov regards himself as a “lone wolf“ waiting for an opportunity to take revenge and kill without witnesses. “Things can only get better here, once the race war takes on its active and final phase (...). Right now, it’s all about weapons-gathering, guerilla resistance and lone wolfism“. In 2010, he celebrated the murders of serial killer Peter Mangs on “Swedish sniper fights back - pops darkies“. He was very much interested in details of the murder weapons: “How effective is using a scope on a firearm which produces substantial recoil? Wouldn’t an automatic pistol make better use of a scope?“ Mangs had murdered immigrants in Malmö, just like the main character in the novel “Hunter” by William Luther Pierce.


Visits of Freiburg’s political police


All these postings lead to Maurice Konstantinov being visited by Freiburg’s criminal police, but he wasn’t prosecuted for his incitement. He reckoned on that the Antifa might be responsible for Freiburg’s detective chief superintendent Wolfgang Kronbiegel showing up at his door in February 2010. “The German- and Kwan Antifa got my I.P. from this forum, as well from Thiazi and the German police subsequently showed up at my door, last February.“ He suspected the police forcing his internet provider to give up the name of the owner of the line: “I suppose they subpoena’d our internet provider server, because he didn’t mention me by name, since our telephone connection is registered under my kid’s mother’s name.“ The police threatened, so he said, to inform his partner about his fascist activities: “In fact, I’ve had the German police show up here and threaten me with outting to my girlfriend, if I didn’t stop posting on 2 forums“.


Konstantinov was also sought out by Freiburg’s political police on the 11th of August, 2014, after Armani was murdered. Konstantinov’s answer on “For those who came to my place today - regarding supposed "hate of Jews and Sinti/Roma"“ was a link to Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper, remembering the killing of two policemen 25 years ago on Gainsburger Brücke in Stuttgart.


Ten thousand times incitement and no consequences


These days, Konstantinov is a bit more careful regarding unlawful postings - at least while using the pseudonyms known to the police. But he continues “documenting“ all that doesn’t fit into his national-socialist world view. End of July, 2015, he posted a link to a picture of a newspaper article at using the titel “Local politician and EU parliamentary attend CSD“ and the pseudonym “Samuel Toothgold“. The picture was uploaded by himself into his album with the name “Klaus Barbie’s Library“ at Klaus Barbie was the head of the Gestapo in Lyon and a notorious torturer and murderer. Konstantinov alias ”Tuerkenjaeger“ (“Turk hunter“) marked the social democrat member of parliament Gernot Erler with an arrow. He did’t change regarding his cynic racism, either. He called the refugee youth Fahd Shahin, who was severely wounded while trying to climb the Eurostar train to London in Paris and touching the overhead contact wire, an “Electrochimp“. And he commented on an exhibition at the Museum “Natur und Mensch“ at Augustinerplatz in Freiburg called “In/Visible – Women survive acid“ in May 2015, using the pseudonym “Abe Koinklipp“: “How to perform cosmetic surgery with neither scalpel nor anesthetic”.


It looks like Maurice Konstantinov is living the unremarkable life of an assimilated immigrant in cosmopolitan Freiburg: He lives with his leftist partner in a cooperative tenement, tinkers with old bicycles and sends his kids to a free school. But his cyber identity is one of a brutish Nazi murderer who calls his 9mm Browning pistol “Richard“ and dreams of medical experiments on Sinti and Roma. It’s hard to imagine, but not impossible, that Konstantinov lead this double life for many years and hides his Nazi ideology, his phantasies of torture and extermination, from his family and environment. There’s and end of it, now, at least.


White Homicide Worldwide


In March 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Centre published a report on White Homicide Worldwide. It shows and analyzes the responsibility of members of the 20 years old American fascist website for almost 100 murders. The analysis of a “typical murderer” reads just like a detailed study of Maurice Konstantinov, who published about 3.000 postings on using the pseudonym “KLM“:


“A typical murderer drawn to the racist forum is a frustrated, unemployed, white adult male living with his mother or an estranged spouse or girlfriend. She is the sole provider in the household. Forensic psychologists call him a ‘wound collector’. Instead of building his resume, seeking employment or further education, he projects his grievances on society and searches the Internet for an excuse or an explanation unrelated to his behavior or the choices he has made in life.


His escalation follows a predictable trajectory. From right-wing antigovernment websites and conspiracy hatcheries, he migrates to militant hate sites that blame society’s ills on ethnicity and shifting demographics. He soon learns his race is endangered – a target of ‘white genocide’. After reading and lurking for a while, he needs to talk to someone about it, signing up as a registered user on a racist forum where he commiserates in an echo chamber of angry fellow failures where Jews, gays, minorities and multiculturalism are blamed for everything.


Assured of the supremacy of his race and frustrated by the inferiority of his achievements, he binges online for hours every day, self-medicating, slowly sipping a cocktail of rage. He gradually gains acceptance in this online birthing den of self-described ‘lone wolves’, but he gets no relief, no practical remedies, no suggestions to improve his circumstances. He just gets angrier.


And then he gets a gun.


Autonome Antifa Freiburg

Communiqué from 01.10.2015