2nd Open Antifa Youth Meeting

Flyer Vorderseite: Offenes Antifa Jugendtreffen / Open antifa youth meeting / Antifa gençlik toplanti

Tröglitz, Nauen, Weissach, Frielendorf, Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Brandenburg an der Havel - 212 Attacks on Refugeeshelters have been counted in a official statistic only up until Juli 2015, so in the first two quarters of this year. In dozens of communities "no to refugee the camp" initiatives where formed in which local residents teamed up with neonazis. In Dresden-Heidenau it came to severe riots between a far-right lynch mob and a mostly inactive Police.

In social networks a flood of inhuman comments is poured forth. They talk of "reopening Auschwitz for the asylumseekers", it is openly called for murder of refugees and migrants. The rabble-rousing doesn't stay without consequences: also on the streets the assaults on "strangers" are on the rise and they become more and more barbaric: On 24th of august a neonazi urinated on children because he identified them as "ungerman".

The state authorities don't only not prevent this behavior, they sometimes even encourage it. We need a determined answer to this attacks of fascists. Organize with us and fight racists and neonazis.


Organize the antifascist self-protection!

OPEN ANTIFA MEETING: 3. October - 14:00 - Paul-Thiede Ufer 10 - Berlin-Kreuzberg