[B] protocoll #1 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin

there are no human rights in lagers.

this is the protocol of our first meeting to form a group for a "lager mobilisation" in berlin and hopefully later in brandenburg (lager= asylheim, unterkunft, notunterkunft, zeltunterkunft usw.). we announced this idea on the big general antiracist/antifascist-meeting last week at SO36 and around 15 heard our call - a big "thank u" to each one of u! if i missed something in this protocoll, please use the comments secetion for corretction or critique.


as u will see, there was an introduction for our new freedom fighters why the lagers and lager system are shit and why there is a need to mobilize against these unhuman system. after the introduction with some videos, small presentations and direct dialogue, we had a two hours long brainstorming round about our goals and what we can do practicaly. after this round we decided to do a small test-action during the coming days at one of the tent lagers in berlin so we can report about it during our second meeting and decide how take the next small step.

if u are interessted to join and help us instead of talking blabla or "attend another meeting with no practical result", please come to our next meeting and get active - PUT IT!

note: why the term "so-called refugees" - because they are human beings like u and me, so let us dont give them title instead of solving this big global problem together.



protocoll #1 - forming a lager mobilisation group in berlin

I. why there are lagers?
II. why protest against lagers?
III. brainstorming round: what can we do?
IV. next meeting




I. why there are lagers?

- isolation
- scaring people in the lagers
- controling people or a "problem"

--> results:

- no "integration" into civilization: no friends, normal life etc.
- to make deprtations easy outside of the city where most lagers are located: if u have no friends, nobody can protect to u
- to cause psychological problems in isolation and force people to do criminal action
- to scare people in lagers so they dont "invite" more of their famliy members or friends
- mass managment and big business for the money makers who are running lagers
- now: private lagers = even more money making lagers with lower living standards
- the so-called "refugee-crisis" is a created political crisis and the so-called refugees are shown as the ones who are to blame
- profit for conservative/right wing parties (in germany: cdu, spd, npd, afd, fdp plus x): make so-called refugees look like criminal people
- berlin: 50-700 places berlin in concedration of the goverment for new lagers
- make division between so-called "good" and "bad" refugees to make problems inside lagers, some people come from so-listed "safe home countries" and get deported very easy
- mixing systematical problems and its results with the so-called refugee-crisis: homeless people, poor working class etc. against so-called refugees
- goverment (for example in berlin) is already making illegal deals to make profit to give away lager licences and make money
- goverment and its related money makers misuses the help and good will of neighbourhoods to save money
--> big result: there are too many reasons why the lager system is shit. short: its a new way of slavery.




II. why protest against lagers?

- human rights for EVERY ONE!
- germany/EU is resposible that people have to leave their coutries! who produces, sells and sends all the weapons?
- decentral flats istead of lagers are possible!
- stop deportations to the so-called "safe home countries"... and stop deportations anyway!
- make visible what germany can do practically/financially!
- stop putting people in lagers with shit living conditions!
- medical or psycholgical help for people in lagers!




III. brainstorming round: what can we do?

a. are we doing it for the public or for the people inside?

--> its for both, so we should always be aware of that; there will be bad media reports and also the situation inside of the lagers is very complex (different people, different asylum cases and the goverment is systematiclly dividing people into good and bad asylum seekers)
--> be aware of the old "no lager!"-slogan - because right now the fascists are using the same term with a very different reason ("nein-zum-heim" etc.).

b. we can not stop or close all lagers in short a time, therefore:

--> be patient, gain exprience and lets see what we can develop
--> get in touch people living there or try to go inside to bring them out
--> protest for better living conditions of lagers which are getting lower and lower

c. decentral housing: but how?

--> use www.leerstandsmelder.de to make the empty places visible
--> campaign against holyday-flats which are illegal (only in berlin?)
--> support existing campaigns: soli-rooms for the so-called refugees - www.fluechtlinge-willkommen.de

d. our behaivor as a group:

--> complicated situation: some people inside of lagers are scared of problems with lager direction, police, ausländerbehörde etc.
--> make transparent what (protest) rights they have and why it makes sense to use them --> good translation and some country fellows need

e. lets dont be a closed group:

--> there are a lot of lagers and the goverment is thinking about to open more (private) lagers
--> we should be an open group for interessted people

f. contact and connection:

--> we need more activists who speak different languages - english, arabic and french arent enough!
-->  make contact to other no-lager groups like KUB which is already doing something
-->  speak with people and record for a radio/video show - always ask if they want it! 
-->  contact www.Oplatz.net to publish our action
-->  use "refugee-resistance" mailing list
-->  support bündnis "stadt für unten", right for living toghether --> dragona-areal / franz-künzler-str.
-->  stop deporation coordination: we need time and more connection for this topic
--> make contact with neighbourhood/welcoming-initiatives
--> make contact with theater and other cultural groups
--> if no internet in a lager: contact: https://wiki.freifunk.net/Freifunk_Hilft

g. what we gonna do with asylum seekers who are "grateful" because of the help of the goverment to make advertisment for themself and deport other deport people?

--> talk to their country fellows who are fighting a systmatical struggle, so its maybe to make this info transparent

h. find a place to bring people outside of berlin so get active

--> ask different cultural venues like werkstatt-der-kuluturen etc.
--> reclaim a self-organized center --> support ohlaer school, this case is still open

i. how to find work for people with duldung who are allowed to work but don find a job?

--> make collaborations to create short time jobs for the people who need this to show their work exprience to ausländerbehörde to show get papers
--> support www.workeer.de

IV. next meeting:

next tuesday, 15th september 2015 - 7pm at NY/bethanien

please use www.Oplatz.net for direct information.

we are one

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come and join us and bring your friends too.