Dortmund: ...until all are free

bis alle frei sind...

We greet all fighting comrades that advocate for the freedom of all anarchist prisoners while these week of action. We think it’s always sensible to not leave imprisoned people alone with their isolation but to support them with words and actions. Though we are defending the freedom of all prisoners – because we are fighting for a society in wich noone must be imprisoned – we think it’s necessary to put the focus on anarchist prisoners while this action week since they are often not seen as political prisoners and thus the support is left to the anarchist movement.


Specificly we want to bring up three examples.

Since the 22nd of July 2015 Jus – an activist from the Hambach forest – is in custody for the involvement of a living blockade. After his imprisonment he started a hunger strike, to continue his protest against the abuse of nature by brown coal mining. He’s been denied to be visited, his mail has been kept back, and for the finally allowed visit, his visitor got the requirement to only talk in german to him – indeed Jus is speaking only in english. No Jus, no peace!


The growing prisonerunion, wich is advocating for free unionization behind bars, is another worthwhile recipient for our solidarity. In North-Rhine-Westphalia the union is growing as well. Sadly the structure of solidarity outside the walls is in the early stages of developement despite the size of this phenomen. Because of this it is important for us to draw attention to the prisonerunion while this week of action as well, so the outcry of the collegues won‘t become silent behind the walls – what it will do if we won‘t get off our backside.


Repeatedly we want to renew the claim for the immediatly release of the anarchist comrade Thomas Meyer-Falk out of the dungeon of preventive detention.

Freedom for all prisoners!
Freedom for all fighting prisoners!
Freedom for all anarchist prisoners!

29.08.2015, Some People of the Anarchist Federation Rhine-Ruhr


Why are we against prisons, all prisons?