Anti-racist Demonstration in Hennigsdorf

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29.08. 3 pm Hennigsdorf! No to racism! No to deportations!

Two refugees, one Cameroonian and one Somalian barely survived a racist attack the nights of August 8th and 9th. If they hadn't been immediately rushed to the hospital, they would have died from the blows they received from a broken glass bottle. They had to stay in hospital for several days.


Not only do we refugees endure structural racism every day through endless illegal deportations, but also brutally violent racism from Nazis and other unorganized racists.


Let us stand up together against these injustices and abuses which are taking place here and everywhere in Germany.
On Saturday, August 29th, we want to take to the streets to say NO TO DEPORTATIONS, NO TO DISCRIMINATION, NO TO RACISM in all its forms!
Be part of it! Together we are stronger!


Starting Point is at the roundabout close to refugee camp.

For those coming from Berlin we offer a joint arrival from S-Gesundbrunnen. 14:15 platform 4 to take the S25 together at 14:22