(Athens) Announcement from the arrested at the gathering against the enactment of the 3rd Memorandum


Especially in recent times, in view of the vote on the third memorandum, the self-organized efforts and struggles for its overthrow are intensified. As expected, all those efforts receive the regular state repression: police state around Exarchia area, blocking access in assembly places as recently happened to Gini amphitheater, arrests without reason or criterion, lockouts and generalized terrorism from the bosses, etc.


Alongside with "crisis" and political memoranda, the state strengthen its law enforcement agencies in order to ensure stability and continuity. The "hope" that SYRIZA invoked to bring to the people, after trying of crushing any hope of the popular movement now is trying to crush anyone who resists.


As a struggling part of  the society, we, the 12 arrested of July 15, declare that we will continue, by any means, the resistance and struggle against anything steals our life. Despite all the detentions, the arrests, the repression, the 3rd Memorandum will not pass.


We call everybody to be on the streets on Wednesday, July 22, the day of vote of even more unpopular measures.


The 12 arrested of July 15, on the 6th floor of GADA*


*GADA=Attica Police Headquarters