[Wü] Trial report + outing of the ZAG

Andreas Herre, ZAG

After two days of trials against our comrades, the third day on the 9th of July 2014 resulted in an acquittal in first instance. More background.


Our comrade was charged for grievous bodily harm, resistance against police officers, breach of the peace and libel and is accused of having kicked a cop at the breakthrough to a nazi demonstration route on the 1st of May 2013 in Würzburg. But the alleged claimant said he could not remember the accused and that he wasn't kicked by him with "99,9% certainty". Still the prosecutor suggested a punishment of 120 daily fines of 20 Euro and already threatened with a revision trial at the state court. The base of their accusations are the testimonies of three covert officers of the so called "civil reconnaissance group" (ZAG), a subdivision of the "USK Dachau" (the notorious Bavarian riot police). They were present at the day of the demonstration.


The explanation of the ZAGs operation methods, moving unrecognised in the midst of the black block made us aware of how dangerous they are for us and our action concepts. For a long period the ZAG sticks to one or more targets, which were identified as potential thread before. If the target now commits an alleged crime they inform a nearby arrest squad via an unknown channel (definitely not via radio), who then execute the arrest in a suitable situation.

That's why we'd like to introduce you to this USK's ZAG to protect our structures. For the same reason we provide a picture of the concerned state security officer of Würzburg:


Civil Reconnaissance Group:


  • Andreas Herre, born: 14.06.1983, body height: about 180 cm, body build: very slim but trained. [by his own admission currently not active at the ZAD]

  • Tiago Kaas, born: 23.02.1984, body height: about 180 cm, body build: slim but trained

  • Mario Karlic, born: 09.12.1986, body height: about 175 cm, body build: sturdy and trained


Criminal Police Inspector Würzburg - K5 (section state security):


- Georg Niklaus, 54 years old, body height: about 180-185 cm, body build: slim