TekkBackDaPark Act III

TekkBackDaPark Act III

Here we are, the third act of our protest row will take place on 19.o4 in Görlizer park. We will celebrate our victory over the authorities, that we finally are allowed to assemble in the park, and still be the voice, for those which fight bravely and firmly for their rights. Same rights for all!
It is outrageous and not to accept, how the Berlin senate, police, the Federal Government and complete Europe deals with the refugees. We are profoundly hurt and resentful faced with the besetting/creeping eviction of the occupied Ohlauer and all the repression and the states racism which is brutally carried out every day in our streets .

It makes us sick that our free spaces are explained as danger zones, in which the police can fuck you up with special rights; which means they are free to control, search, undress and give you a sending off or even take you and lock you up if you're not able or dont want to show you ID. We are sick and tired to have to stand there defenceless and see how our brothers and sisters are taken apart publicly because they apperantly have the "wrong skin color ".

The police is not able or willing to recognize what the real causes of the criminalization are, that not the refugees are the criminals, but them who bath in bloody money:
Shareholders in arms trade, which profit through oil wars, landgrab and food speculation and therefore create refugees. Also the irresponsible politicians who force economy measures and therefore provoke right-wing extremism and xenophobia and on the other hand, isolate Europe and write racist asylum laws.
It is disgusting to see, how fascism in France, Greece, Germany and completely Europe grows while the masses stay silent.

The shameful sight of such a police is simply sad. To us, its not the bludgeons and the irritant gas that hurts, but the stupidity and ignorance with which our uniformed fellow men become brutal Robocops.
The enemy is not the human under the uniform, but the doctrines which make such dominion structures possible.

It is not acceptable at all that fascists are able to throw molotov cocktails in X-Berg.
The fact that the people who live in the occupied school, are not allowed to have visitors and have to live in constant fear to be taken after a raid, to land in the street or even to be put in jail is not okay.

Our demands remain!:

same rights for all!

legalization instead of criminalization!

stop of racist police checks
and police terrorism in and around the Görli!

no danger zones in X-Berg, Berlin and Elsewhere!

stop of global exploitation of human and nature, for a fair distribution of the world-wide goods.

hunt down the comitters not the victims!

- Stop deportations! Dump Frontex!
tear down the Fortress EU! For a Europe from the underground!!




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