Communique by the prisoners of Korydallos prison (Greece)

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

We, the prisoners of Korydallos prison, decided to scale up our reactions towards this insanity and injustice evolving in front of our eyes.

For about a month now, the judicial council that deals with the release of a 60-year-old mother and the wife of our fellow prisoner, Gerasimos Tsakalos, ostentatiously turns a deaf ear, playing with the life and the health of the hunger strikers, and the same policy is also followed by the Minister of Justice, which extends the passage of the bill, overtiring our fellow prisoners on hunger strike, whose demands concern all us prisoners and have to be satisfied.


There’s no question of support here, as the problem is that of all prisoners who have a wife and a mother who visit them in prison.


It is the fascistic and discredited police and judges which try to avenge the relatives of the prisoners, because they have a problem with them.


We won’t put up with our families paying for our own choices. They suffer enough pain already.


We have ran out of patience, in the face of this mother, we see our mother, and in the face of the wife, we see our own wives.


From today, Saturday 28/3, we refuse to go back into our cells at night and we let everyone take responsibility.


Those who are playing games with fire will face it and righteousness is on our side.


If anything happens to any hunger striker, those responsible will be held to account.


Whatever is to be, let it be!




Prisoners from Korydallos prison

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considering guerrilla is still destroying property instead of billionaires and their puppets (politicians, cops, judges and prison guards), it is time to give proper answer to repression. banners and color attacks in the time when people are arrested and killed in the prison (with hunger strike and refusing demands and disturbing people by prison guards) are childish actions.

you can say why I don't do it, but I have reason, so, those who can do it, they should do it. stage of fight is changed, there is bigger and bigger repression, until guerrillas are dead, so, guerrillas should radicalize their fight and transfer themselves from destroying property to destroying people (judges, cops, prison guards, etc).