[HH] Fight for the rights of refugees – come to Hamburg!

Never Mind the Papers

To all of you, who confront the racist mob raging on the streets in Germany these days. To all of you, who undermine the policy of deterrence of the German state against refugees and show solidarity with refugees, by supplying private housing and supporting them in dealing with the difficult living situtation in the lagers.To all of you, who, as refugees, organzize yourselves and fight for your rights. To all of you who fight institutional racism, Frontex and the whole murderous European border regime.

Come to Hamburg!

We came together in this city. Refugees struggling on a daily basis with the bad living situation in overcrowded and isolated camps, activists recapturing our right to the city, organized refugees of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg“, unionists without papers and many more.

Together we are the result of the long wave of selforganized struggles of refugees, from Würzburg to Berlin. Result of the struggles for our right to the cities, against displacement and evictions. We admire the united struggle of precarious workers and refugees without papers in Italy, their united squatting and their moving demonstrations.

As in every other German city, there is a racist movement of people who fight against housing for refugees but up to now we have been successful in determining the public debate about the issues of refugees. The group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” is making the difference in the public debate, together with thousands of supporters. Together we stopped the racist controls of the police who tried to force the group to register as asylum seekers in Germany. Together we demonstrated with 18000 people for their right to stay in Hamburg and we combined their struggle with the issues of the right to the city movement. Together we questioned the safe-third-country regulation with a tremendous international response.

We don´t live under the same conditions, but we share common interests. We share the interest in affordable housing. We share the interest as workers of not being played off against each other. Together we shape a city of solidarity, fight for equal rights and share the idea of a good life for everybody.

We know that there are unequal conditions but we cannot accept them. We don´t give a shit about residency status, about third-country-regulations, about different passports, about all the things that are supposed to separate us from one another.

We demand only things that are self evident:

A work permit for everybody who lives here..

The right to humane living conditions for everybody who lives here.

Social rights, like free access to medical care, for everybody.

The right to stay.

We are going to use the public attention created by the election campaign for “Bürgerschaft” in Hamburg to spread our demands in Hamburg and other cities.

It is as important as confronting the racist mob in Dresden which possibly killed a first victim to act now for our rights.

Let´s not leave the public debate to Pegida or politicians and the economy who tell us which kind of migration could be “useful” for Germany.

Together we can turn this demonstration into a strong call for our rights.

Demonstration Recht auf Stadt – never mind the papers! on the 31st of January. Start: 1pm on Landungsbrücken Hamburg.

For more information, see: https://nevermindthepapers.noblogs.org/ or fb.com/pages/Recht-auf-Stadt-never-mind-the-papers/373524372808420

Mobilization video: http://graswurzel.tv/p77.html

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