PEGIDA in Trier

Trier für alle

Call for Protest „Trier for All“ – 26/01/2015 – Rally starting at Bürgerhaus Trier Nord - 18.30
There are many valid reasons to take to the streets and voice your protest: Rising rents, stagnant wages, growing pressure at work, in education and in bureaucracy. People all over the world suffer from oppression, discrimination, war, terror, persecution, exploitation, poverty, starvation, destruction of the environment,… and many are forced to flee. Against all that we have to rise and fight!


PEGIDA, which originated in Dresden, does not do that. Instead, they agitate against refugees and muslims. They don’t have any solutions, but seem to be sure whose fault it all is: People whom they call “aliens” and who are our partners, friends, relatives, neighbours or colleagues! Now they want to spread their hatred in the streets of Trier.
Not with us! 
Everywhere else but in Dresden PEGIDA spin-offs have drowned in the masses of counter-protesters. And that’s what’s going to happen here! Even if it seems that far too many people want to split this society: We stand united against this racist threat. That’s why we stand together in solidarity and won’t be divided by racist agitation.

Let’s go! Allez! Yalla! We’ll meet on the street.
Come to the demonstration on 26/01/2015 and let us take a strong stance against racism – for a multicultural, cosmopolitan society, equality and solidarity! 

Pegida in Trier? No Way!
We all are the city!