Eric McDavid nach 9 Jahren aus dem Gefängnis entlassen!

Eric McDavid

Der Tier- und Erdbefreiungsaktivist Eric McDavid wurde am 08. Januar 2015 nach 9 Jahren aus dem Gefängnis entlassen. Im September 2007 wurde Eric für schuldig befunden aus ökologischen Motiven Sabotage auf Regierungsgebäude geplant bzw. begangen zu haben. Er saß über 9 Jahre in einem US-Gefängnis beschuldigt für Verbrechen die nie begangen wurden!!!


Der Tier- und Erdbefreiungsaktivist Eric McDavid wurde am 08. Januar 2015 nach 9 Jahren aus dem Gefängnis entlassen.
Im September 2007 wurde Eric für schuldig befunden aus ökologischen Motiven Sabotage auf Regierungsgebäude geplant bzw. begangen zu haben. Die Verurteilung basierte auf der Aussage eines FBI-Informanten der mit über $75,000 bezahlt wurde um Verbrechen zu konstruieren. Eric wurde daraufhin zu 19 Jahren und 7 Monaten Haft verurteilt, für ein Verbrechen das niemals ausgeführt wurde.


Danke an alle die Eric während seiner Zeit im Gefängnis unterstützt haben.

Die Unterstützung unserer Gefangenen ist ein elementarer Bestandteil im Kampf gegen Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung - für die Befreiung ALLER!!!

Kein_e Gefangene_r der Tierbefreiungsbewegung, der Erdbefreiungsbewegung und der anarchistischen Bewegung werden vergessen sein!


...und zwar sofort!!! 


Über Eric:

Eric McDavid is an environmental activist, a writer of zines, a sometimes-poet and an almost always magician. He is a son, a brother, and an uncle. He is an amazing partner (although, maybe the author is a bit biased).

After serving 10 years for a wrongful conviction of “conspiracy to damage and destroy property by fire and an explosive”, Eric was set free due to the government’s withholding of key evidence about how he may have been entrapped by an FBI.
Erics Fall:
Eric was arrested (along with Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner) on January 13, 2006, as part of the government’s ongoing Green Scare campaign. All three were charged with “Conspiracy to damage and destroy property by fire and an explosive.” The conspiracy charge is, quite literally, a thought-crime – no actions were ever carried out by Eric or any of his alleged co-conspirators.
Über die Rolle des FBI:

Erics Falle:

Eric’s arrest was the direct result of a government informant known only as “Anna.” Anna, who was paid over $65,000 for her work with the FBI, spent a year and a half drawing him in, fabricating a crime and implicating Eric in it. At the time of his arrest, Anna (or, rather, the FBI) was paying for the house he was staying in, the car he traveled in, the food he ate and the computer he used. Anna
brought the group together in California, paid for their existence, and harassed them endlessly about sticking to a “plan” and setting “a damned goal.” When it seemed clear that none of this was working for her, the FBI swooped in and arrested Eric, Zach and Lauren. After his arrest, Eric was denied bail twice – despite having no prior criminal record and no history of violence – and spent
almost 2 years pre-trial in Sacramento County Main Jail in “Total Separation” (solitary confinement). This meant that he had little to no contact with other prisoners or the outside world and was only allowed to leave his cell for a few hours each week. During that time he endured two separate hunger strikes to gain access to vegan food. He also endured two separate bouts of pericarditis – a
heart condition which Eric had never experienced before his time
at Sac County.

Both of Eric’s co-defendants caved under the threat of being imprisoned for 20 years and plead guilty to a lesser charge. In doing so, they agreed to testify against Eric and cooperate in every way possible, including testifying in front of secret grand jury proceedings. At their sentencing hearings in 2008, they were both sentenced to time served. For Lauren, that amounted to about 2
weeks and for Zachary, 6 months. Eric’s case is a clear-cut example of entrapment, and he fought the charges against him on those grounds at trial in September of 2007.

After a trial riddled with errors, lies and blunders on the part of the government, a jury found Eric guilty. Many of those same jurors later made damning statements about the FBI’s handling of the case, and two of them submitted declarations to the court stating that they believed Eric deserved a new trial.
None of this can change the fact that Eric has been convicted of a crime that was never committed.


Eric’s Disproportionately Long Sentence

In May of 2008 Eric was sentenced to an outrageous 19 years and 7 months in prison. At the time, it was the longest standing sentence of any environmental prisoner in the US. Unfortunately, Eric’s case and sentencing seem to have set a precedent for such injustice, and others have since been sentenced to similarly outrageous time in prison. Eric appealed his conviction and his sentence immediately following his trial. The 9th Circuit Court rejected his appeal in September 2010. The supreme court  refused to hear his case.

Eric Set Free After Wrongful Conviction

On January 8th, 2015, Eric was released from prison after it became known that the FBI had withheld key crucial documents during the trial, revealing that the FBI informant “Anna” had pressured Eric into making plans in order to prove his love for her.

The fight continues now for the release of all documents outlining the ways in which Anna entrapped Eric.


Court Documents
Habeas Petition Appeal Sentencing Declarations from Jurors Trial Govt In Limine Motions Defense Pre-Trial Motions Indictment and Criminal Complaint Zach Jenson and Lauren Weiner Sentencing Plea Agreements Plea Hearings


Eric is Free!

Dear friends and comrades,

It is with bursting hearts that we write to tell you some amazing news. Today, January 8, Eric was ordered released from prison. It has been almost 9 years exactly since he was arrested in Auburn, CA, on January 13, 2006.

Eric’s release came about because of the habeas petition that he and his legal team filed in May 2012. Because the government withheld important documents from the defense at trial, Eric’s original judgment and sentencing were vacated and he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge that carried a five year maximum sentence. This means Eric has already spent four years longer in prison than could have been required under the statute for the charge he pleaded guilty to. He received credit for time served and was ordered released.

Eric’s projected release date – until today – was February of 2023.

We are beyond thrilled that Eric will soon be back home with us, where he belongs. But nothing can change the fact that Eric and his loved ones have had 9 years stolen from them by the state. At times, this fight seemed almost impossible. Eric endured hunger strikes, solitary, the separation of hundreds of miles from everyone and everything he loved, andthe isolation and cold walls and wire of prison. These things were meant to break him – but the state has utterly failed in this endeavor. Eric remains steadfast and strong. Eric fought the charges against him 9 yearsago because he knew it was the right thing to do. He has maintained his integrity all of these years by staying true to himself and to the things he believes in. But he has not done this in a vacuum. Thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support these last nine years. It has made all the difference. To everyone who has ever written a letter, sent drawings of dragons or pictures of fairies, or included pictures of something as simple as a blade of grass… you have given Eric’s life color, fire and connection these past 9 years. You have proven that our
solidarity is our strongest weapon.

We are anxious to celebrate! But we also must remember that Eric’s case is just one among many – and it is by no means the most egregious. Since 9/11 the state has engaged in political prosecutions of hundreds of people in this country – the majority of them from Muslim communities – for their religious and political affiliations. And our comrades continue to be targeted and arrested for daring to dream. We are overjoyed that Eric is coming home. But we also know that we must never rest until all are free.

Eric has been released from Sacramento County jail, but his struggle is far from over. He received two years of
supervised release and will be under their watch during that time. Coming out of prison is a complicated and difficult journey, but it is one that we are excited and ready to begin.

Thanks again to all of you – and a big shout out to Eric’s lawyers – Mark Vermeulen and Ben Rosenfeld – who have worked tirelessly and passionately on his case for years, pro bono.

We will be in touch in the coming weeks. Until then – celebrate! Struggle! And as Eric would say…Find UR Joy!

So much love to you all.

Until all are free!

-Sacramento Prisoner support


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