Khalid Idris Bahray – his death was murder! Let's turn grief and rage into resistance!

Khaled Idris Bahray

On the morning of Tuesday 13.01.14 following the night of the largest Pegida march in Dresden* Khaled Idris Bahray was murdered on the front doorstep of the refugee camp at Leubnitz-Neuostra (Dresden) where the German state was forcing him to reside. The facts surrounding his death have not been fully disclosed, but we can't help but be reminded of the racist pogroms that occurred in Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992.**


Where recently on Pergida marches up to 25 000 racists have regularly gathered to push the discourse around migration and human rights far into neo-fascist terrain it is clear where to find the propaghandists that inspire racially motivated murders in the current climate. Refugees who are already marginalised and tormented by the state become scapegoats for social problems. That the deutsche Mob has gathered with torches and pitchforks is a logical consequence of the explosive combination of social precarisation, nationalism and blind racism.paired with a „hooliganistic“ excess of violence by the police and organised nazi's.


The police initially tried their hardest to claim that Khalid's death was not a result of a violent act (there was no 'third party involvement') reflecting that the state had no interest in finding out the facts surrounding his murder, and also revealing their attempt to cover up for the perpetrators of his murder. Perhaps this was in order to avoid any public discussion on the topic of racially motivated violence which the disclosure of his murder would inevitably prompt,( whether or not this was the motivation behind his murder ).


We only have to look to the murder of Oury Jalloh who was burnt alive by German police in his cell 10 years ago, and who's death was officially deemed a suicide to recognize that it is a common practice of the state to stiffle public discussions through cooking up a story. Considering this we will not be surprised if we never find out. if Khalid's murder was racially motivated or not.


What we do know is that the mutually legitimating racism of the state and the mob on the streets clearly shows neither have any interest in the security of those who lie at the bottom end of the capitalist economic chain.


Therefore we call for action in the wake of this situation, for a refusal to look away or to become paralysed by discussion that repeats itself and goes nowhere.


Smash Racism, Fight Racists


We wish the friends and family of Khalid much strength and courage in their struggle for the truth and generally against Racism on all fronts.


*Pegida: German nationalist, antiislamic movement


**pogroms of Rostock-Lichtenhagen: In 1992 a deutsch Mob attacked a large Refugee Center with Stones and Molotows over the course of 3 days.The builing burned down while the police boredly stood by and watched it burn.

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thanks for the article! there will be a demonstration on sunday 6pm, Hermannplatz, Berlin Neukölln, concerning this matter

yes, 2pm not 6

Regarding fatal stabbing- it doesn't appear to be racist attack. Khaled was likely killed by his Eritrean roommate: