Freiburg: Sylvester zum Knast

Silvester zum Knast

In the evening of December 31st 2014 in Freiburg around 20 people demonstrated  unannounced and without permit for the freedom of all prisoners and against the repressive society. From the meeting point at Tennenbacher place the demonstration moved to the prison. The demo was - despite the failling sound-system - loudly and was accompanied with appropriate pyrotechnics and some color eggs. At least at the main entrance the prisoners heard the demo and waved back. The demo lasted about half an hour. The police showed no reaction.

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Following you find a translation of the greeting from Thomas Meyer-Falk. The two other speeches have not been translated and can be found in the german original.



A few words of greeting by Thomas Meyer-Falk


New Year's Eve 2014

This gesture of yours showing solidarity with those who are forced to live behind these thick, cold walls, is shining like a torch in the dark. As in the years before people suffered and died here in 2014. There have been suicides, many suicide attempts and a hunger strike.


And yet there is a live of activity behind bars which is not least inspired by solidarity and support from family, friends and companions.


The fight against prisons will always include the struggle for a radical change of the system because the social order of Capitalism will never do without prisons. Someone fighting for the abolition of internment centres will at the same time be endeavoring to live in another, a free society as well.


Your demos at this prison are cherished enthusiastically by those who live here. Because you show us that we here are not alone and that there are people who reject the idea of imprisonment.


Solidary and heartthrobbing greetings!

To all of you a colourful, sane, lively and free 2015!

For a society without prisons!


Thomas Meyer-Falk