Meeting Mannheim Hauptbahnhof for Oury Jalloh

Not only in the US the police murders, but also here in Germany!
On 01/07/2005 the Sierra Leonean Oury Jalloh was burnt alive in a police cell in Dessau, Germany, locked on by hands and feet on an inflammable security mattress. Although the murder of Oury Jalloh is evident, the white policemen who are the only possible offenders have never been accused of murder or manslaughter. For years, instead, it was maintained, that Oury Jalloh had set himself on fire with a lighter. This lighter had not been found during the search of the cell but appeared some days later. It showed no tracks of contact with Oury Jalloh’s body, his clothes or the mattress on which he had lain.


For many years the Initiative in memory of Oury Jalloh e. V. has organized a demonstration in remembrance of his death in Dessau. Dessau is a long way off, so let’s show our outrage and our solidarity for Oury Jalloh’s family and friends in the streets of Mannheim.

Oury Jalloh demo and rally on 01.07.2015, at 16.00 o’clock in front of the main train station in Mannheim