They shall not pass! Let’s block the FPÖ and Students Fraternity’s Ball together!

Burschenschafterball blockieren

On January 30th, the FPÖ will hold the “Akademikerball” at the Hofburg in Vienna once more. The Ball was originally held by the Wiener Korporationsring (WKR), an alliance of German nationalist student fraternities and offers a platform for German nationalists and prominent representatives of the European Right: in past years, FPÖ-chairman Heinz-Christian Strache hit the dancefloor together with German Neonazis or Marine Le Pen, chairwoman of the extreme right French Front National. This meeting of the right wing is criticized all over Europe, not only in Austria, as it serves as a coordination meeting for their inhumane and misantrophic policies of exclusion and racism in times of crisis.

In the past years, thousands of people from different backgrounds joined the protests against the Fraternities' Ball and made clear that they won't accept it. But the company responsible for renting out the Hofburg as a venue, representing among others the famous Hotel Sacher and Hotel InterContinental Wien, ignores the warnings of survivors of the Shoa, resolutions of the city council as well as the protests of thousands of antifascists. Police in Vienna focuses on restricting the right of free assembly and freedom of press by installing huge exclusion zones and other excessive and disproportional measures to criminalize antifascists protests.


Enough is enough!

Our aim is clear – stop the so called “Ball of Academics”. In order to do so, we'll take to the streets together – colourful, determined and in a good mood!


  • We’ll block the Hofburg's entrance. Drawing from the campaigns “Dresden Nazifrei!” or „Blockupy! Frankfurt“, and their experiences, we will use a wide range of means from all possibilities civil disobedience offers. Our solidarity will include everyone who shares our aim to stop the ball.
  • No matter whether we'll be standing up or sitting down: we've come here to stay, and will be determined to do so. We will not start any escalation of the situation.
  • Our blockade is meant to be colourful and creative. We'll keep us warm with tea, soup and good mood. We will be clear about our approach and actions at the blockade and we will take decisions together in solidarity with everyone participating, to make sure nobody will be excluded from our protest who wants to join it.
  • You're all invited to block the Hofburg on January 20th, 2015 together with us. Vienna will be in their way!


Watch out for preparational meetings and blockade trainings – we're looking forwards to meet you!


More information at

Twitter: @il-wien


Let’s stop the FPÖ and Student Fraternities' Ball – once and for all!

Form affinity groups, join our blockade:
Friday, 30.01.2015, 5 p.m., Albertina, Vienna