Again massive tightening of asylum law is coming!

Refugees welcome


Massive expansion of the deportation-detention? Stop of immigration to germany for all people with “Duldung”? – Does this become law in Germany? Our answer: Resistance!


Short time ago: Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia were declared as "safe countries of origin". This in fact abolished the right of asylum for refugees from these countries! The resistance against this new lay was much to less!

This was just the beginning. The Interior Ministry has planned further steps to the massive tightening of asylum law in Germany:


Maybe on December 3rd, the cabinet will publish a draft of the new law.  This winter, perhaps in January, they will fix it. Till now only a draft of the Ministry of the Interior from April 4th 2014 exists:

Seven new reasons for imprison asylum-seekers:

The draft of the new law says: “In general a NonCitizen has to be imprisoned if there is the risk of flight. This risk of flight exists also, if:

1. a person has left a Member State, before the application has been finished. (before the ongoing procedure for examining an application for international protection has been completed)

2. a person already was in underground (in Germany or in another Member State)

3. a person immigrate by avoiding a border control.

4. a person hid, to have no the police control.

5. a person did not tell the real identity. If a person destroyed the identity card or travel documents.

6. a person refuse to cooperate by finding out the identity.

7. a person doesn´t tell the truth about the travel-way to Germany.”

It´s obviously that this “reasons” can be used against every NonCitizen.

Immigration and residence restrictions in fact for all people with “Duldung”.

This will lead to a massiv extentions of so called “Kettenduldung”. "Kettenduldung" means to get only one “Duldung” after another. But no real right to stay.


We will not allow such a racist tightening of asylum!


It is already running a nationwide campaign against it. In this context a demonstration in Berlin will take place on December 5th.  (more links to the campaing you find below). We welcome everybody to join the campaing! We also call for realizing your own idears. You can share it with other people by writing a mail to


The law is expected to be negotiated in the parliament in January. Until then, we must use the time to show clear enough (!) to the responsible politicians:


Should there be established again such a misanthropic law, than it will be uncomfortable for you!



Links in german language:


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