DDoS attack against Indy linksunten

cable spaghetti

On the 28.09.2014 at 2.30 am (CET), the Nagios surveillance system of May First/People Link noted a DDoS attack against linksunten.indymedia.org. As a consequence, the uplink of mayfirst provided by Hurricane Electric was overloaded albeit only for the length of the attack. Since 10.30 pm Indymedia linksunten is back online again. We'd like to say “thank you” to the Mayfirst techies! Please show your gratitude as well by donating cash!

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have you, or your uplink-provider thought about taking part in the galileo-project ?



Another option might be https://deflect.ca/

bullshit, this is insecure.


analyze it for your self, plz

Internet zur Schaffung neuer Herrschaftsstrukturen

Es gibt den Text hier auf deutsch und die Fachbegriffe sind alle per Links erklärt.