excavator was stopped / hambach forest

Erfolgreiche Besteigung des Baggers

Last day (23.09.2014) around noon an excavator was stopped which was working at the old railway of the lignite industry close to Cologne, Germany. The railway as well as the open pits and the power plants belongs to the company RWE.


The railway was used for the transport of the lignite directy from the pits to the power plants. But now, parts of the railway and the highway A4 were build new some kilometers more south to make space for the growing mine.


The company „H.-B. Kaiser , Abbruch und Erdbewegungen, in 52388 Nörvenich“ is in charge of removing the old railway.

Furthermore, the security company „ KÖTTER Security“ and the foresting company „Krobbach“ from Melsbach are taking part in the destruction of the nature that RWE is commiting.

These companies are also to mark, to block and to sabotage!

Every day is an action day! - Earth First!


More informations: https://hambacherforst.blogsport.de