FBI Investigation against IMC Athens

IMC Athens

On Friday 12/9 Mayfirst collective, which houses part of Athens Indymedia's infrastructure, informed us about a subpoena they received from the Department Of Justice of the U.S on an investigation conducted  by the FBI. Specifically, the FBI demanded all personal data of  subscribers using the IP addresses of Athens Indymedia (ie the members  of the  collective). No further explanation was given for this request and no investigation on the content of the server was mentioned. The request was,  of course, not accepted by the Mayfirst collective despite the risks this action entails for its members and its infrastructure.


For us the request betrays, to a large extent, involvement of the Greek authorities. They are well aware that any search or seizure of our equipment wouldn't endanger the users of Athens Indymedia or shut down the site.  They haven't managed to do so in over 14 years. We believe that this new  attack exemplifies the strategy chosen by the state. By specifically  targeting members of the collective they want to control and criminalize  freedom of speech and dissemination of information as well as acts of  social resistance.
Athens Indymedia collective conducts  all necessary acts for the uninterrupted function of the site, the  safety and privacy of its users, and the implementation of its strategic  choices. We refuse to submit to fear and suppression the state is  trying to impose on us. 

We  invite all those who wish and strive for a world of freedom, equality,  solidarity and prosperity for all, to support in every way possible all  mediums of radical counter information and Athens Indymedia.


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Statement on Justice Department Subpoena of Athens IMC



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