Attack on the Greek Consulate in Zürich

Farbklecks Symbolbild

We attacked the Greek consulate in Zürich on September 8 as a delayed contribution to the international days of solidarity for anarchist prisoners. The official representation of the Greek state in Zürich was chosen for two reasons. First of all because Nikos Maziotis (militant of the Revolutionary Struggle) was recently arrested in Greece after a manhunt through Athens and after having being shot in the shoulder. This arrest follows a campaign by the state and the media in which Nikos and Pola Roupa have been declared as top fugitives and a huge bounty has been declared for their arrests. Despite him being arrested the media campaign aiming to negate his political identity continues.

Secondly because recently in Greece a reform of the prisons was declared which will massively worsen the situation of all fighting prisoners in Greece in the time to come. The reform is aimed to match the Greek prisons with the prisons of isolation that exist in the rest of Europe. Currently Domokos prison (which lies in the middle of nowhere) is being emptied of prisoners so that it can be transformed to a type C prison (with the most severe prison conditions). It's to be expected that the reform will be executed shortly.

These are the reasons why we chose the Greek consulate for our attack. We send our solidarity to all political prisoners. This action is a contribution to giving the prisoners presence. Be it Marco Camenisch (Switzerland), Oliver Rast (Germany), Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas (Greece), Georges-Ibrahim Abdallah (France), Vincenzo Sisi (Italy) or all the others which would make this list endless - the prisoners contribute to ongoing debates on the revolutionary process. Let's take up their ideas, let's develop them, let's continue the struggle.

Freedom for all political prisoners
Hands off Nikos Maziotis