Solisampler für die TAV-Gefangenen Lucio, Chiara, Claudio, Mattia, Nicco, Fra, Graziano

non un sasso in dietro soli sempler

Wegen einer angeblichen Attacke auf einer Baustelle der TAV Hochgeschwindigkeitsbahn werden sie des Terrorismus beschuldigt.

Solisampler zum Download, alle Links mit aufwendiger Cover-Artwork-Gestaltung


A few days ago the new compilations “Non un sasso indietro” and “everything is fake” are available on
On the website you can download them by making a donation that will support our seven comrades who were accused of attacking TAV construction site on the night of 14th may 2013…
I also would like to ask you if it’s at all possible to spread this message on your own websites and among your contacts
Our comrades need to be supported(not only financially), therefore we invite you to organize meetings, debates, events and all solidarity actions you can think of. We are of course available as independent label and willing to help you as much as possible.
We believe it’s necessary to keep on supporting the struggle and the comrades…
Since, as said in our slogan, that night (like every time someone is taken away) all of us were there. If not in person, certainly in spirit.
Solidarity is a weapon! Let us act so that this slogan, unlike many others, will not stay only a slogan to scream in rage. So that our comrades will not be alone in what is happening to them. Let us promise each other, that one day we will meet again on the barricades. With our hearts beating loud and a smile on our faces
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Quelle auch in Italienisch: Fratzenbuch von HOBOPHOBIC


Weiteres Album für NO-TAV-Prozesskosten:


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Diese drei wurden inzwischen verlegtt:

Lucio Alberti
casa circondariale via Cassano Magnago 102 – 21052 Busto Arsizio (Varese)


Francesco Sala casa circondariale via Palosca 2 – 26100 Cremona


Graziano Mazzarelli casa circondariale via Paolo Perrone 4 Borgo S.Nicola – 73100 Lecce


Schreibt zweisprachig, manchmal lassen sie nur italienische Briefe/Karten durch...


Alle sieben aktuellen Adressen hier:


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