Erstes Jubiläum des Protestes in und vor der nigerianischen Botschaft vom 15.10.2012.

First anniversary of our protest inside and outside of the Nigerian Embassy from October 15th 2012
Stop Bounty Hunting and illegal Deportation of Refugees


Meeting Place : 15:00 O-Platz
Rally 16:00 hrs – Nigerian Embassy (Neue Jakobstrasse)

Demo 17:30 hrs – to O-Platz and further to Brandenburg Gate




Deportation is Torture and Murder

Stop Police Brutality against Refugees and Activists

One year ago a protest of Nigerian and other refugee activists took place against corrupt and illegal collaboration between Nigerian embassy officials and German deportation authorities in the deportation of refugees to Nigeria perverting international treaties and German justice.
This protest was overshadowed by brutal violence of Germen police in front of the embassy as well as racist misconduct against arrested activists during their time in custody.
Right now several criminalizing court trials are running against activists involved at the District Court of Berlin Tiergarten. In the course of these trials the prosecutor in charge was and still is trying to deprive the political content of protest down to just criminal behavior as to eliminate its political dimension out of the range of legally protected interests.

The story of this autonomous protest of refugees is a fight against corruption as submissive African states like Nigeria perform inhuman collaboration through so called mobile embassy hearings as to produce exit permits for illegal deportations.
Rejected asylum seekers are forcefully brought to those embassy hearings by German police and are often even deliberately made to believe that they are deported instantly. In these hearing the embassy officials try to “establish” nativity by labeling dubious criteria like dialect of tounge, shape of head or traditional scars as to be able to issue exit permits for deportation in the name of the consecutive national states.
In return for this unlawful duty e.g. Nigerian embassy officials are bribed with a bounty of €250,- per hearing and another 250,- in case of successful affirmation of deportation certificates whereby it does not matter whether or not the person concerned is citizen of Nigeria or rather of another nation of the region. After deportation to Nigeria adjunct deportation within the region will be organized from there. This is explicitly human trafficking in the bribing name of German authorities by-passing International Charta of Human Rights, European treaties and German as well as the constitutions of the nations involved on the other side of these barbaric deals.

The unutterable practice of embassy hearings is publicly known now for more than 10 years already in the case of Nigerian embassy officials. One of the first publications within the webpage of The VOICE Refugee Forum can be traced down by the date of August 5th 2008. Its title is “Another Face of Colonialism” written by our activist Rex Osa ( Hereby he already describes the illegitimate tampering in question also containing a declaration towards the ambassador of that time.
Our peaceful go-in-protest inside the Nigerian embassy one year ago took place only after a long range of protest actions for years before. Repeated public information in different media as well as directly addressed open letters to the different Presidents of the Nigerian Republic through the hands of the consecutive Ambassadors were simply ignored in silence:
first online-petition to the Nigerian embassy in 4/2008 followed by a postcard action in 5/2008. ( enquiry to the German (e.g. in 10/2008. finally our „Action days against deportation collaboration“ in front of different African embassies, handing over a warning letter for the Nigerian President at the gates of the Nigerian embassy in May 2012 (
Taking all these efforts into account, the „occupation“ protest inside the Nigerian embassy is more of a conclusion from the ignorance of our longstanding fight against unlawful, corrupt and inhuman practices that could not be set bounds to by less spectacular means so far.

The persistent ignorance of Nigerian as well as German authorities in the face of our repeated public demands for resolution and termination of illegal deportation acts draw the significant picture of criminal cover up of the law breaking attitude within their very own system of authorities. Forceful deportations are a colonial continuity, which are with no doubt in any case a crime against humanity. Despite hypocritical statements of German politicians regarding strict compliance with international human rights these crimes are ruthlessly perpetrated on and on.
Our protest in October 15th was exposed to brutal police violence in the name of the “domestic peace” of the Nigerian embassy’s daily business. Activists were arbitrarily tackled, beaten up, treated with tear gas and arrested. Refugee activists were pushed to the ground and beaten whilst the were handcuffed on the back and threaten with death in obvious racist manner (“Nobody will be interested when you bite the dust right here!”)

In the aftermath obviously constructed charges against many of our activists were established as to produce criminalizing “evidence“, as to camouflage the brutalizing crimes of “holders of office” and to delegitimize the righteousness of our protest and its means.
The prosecutor in charge of the now ongoing trials Mr. Markus Winkler consistently tries to devaluate the political background and the longstanding history of our struggles down to a triviality with no concern to the courts. He also repeatedly tried to obstruct courts from summoning the Nigerian deputy ambassador to trial as to provide testimony and responsible statement to the cases
( german).
This is now a matter of institutionalized criminalization between the executive authorities of police and public prosecution as to compromise allegedly independent courts. This sort of procedure is well known in Germany and especially in Berlin. Charges against arbitrary violence of police officers are turned down in up to 99% of all cases by public prosecution alone as to prevent them from being investigated in courts. When court trial cannot be avoided, with the poor rest of cases the judgments will in further 85% either be arrested or the police officers are straight away judged not guilty of the accusations ( german).

Despite the violent oppression of our protest with the police and notwithstanding the ongoing institutionalized attempt to pervert principles of the state of law as to deny the political legitimacy of our protest, we will not reduce our efforts to fight to make the colonial continuity of illegal, corrupt and inhuman deportation history (

We are going to hold an anniversary rally in front of the Nigerian embassy on October 15th 2013 in Neue Jakobstrasse Berlin at 16:00 hrs. to remember the violent obstruction of our protest of last year and to again demand definite answers and statement to our longstanding, repeated enquiries.
We hereby invite refugees, activists, supporters, media and general public to send a strong signal to finally stop these unlawful crimes and to confront the perpetrators ignorance.
Afterwards we will walk a demonstration towards Oranienplatz and further to Brandenburg Gate as to draw also attention of solidarity for different self-defined struggles of refugees in Germany/Berlin: and

Rally 16:00 hrs – Nigerian Embassy (Neue Jakobstrasse)


Demo 17:30 hrs – to O-Platz and further to Brandenburg Gate



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