Zeitweiliger Abbruch des diesjährigen International Animal Rights Gatherings in Belgien


Statement (Originalfassung) zum zeitweiligen Abbruch des International Animal Rights Gatherings 2013 in Belgien. Antifaschistische Tierbefreier*innen zum Verlassen des Veranstaltungsortes des Treffens gezwungen. Dies wurde nicht hingenommen.


International Animal Rights Gathering (IARG) 2013 (Belgium)

- Communiqué -


18th of August 2013


From the 16th-18th of August 2013 animal liberation activists from more than 20 countries came together in Belgium to talk about theoretical and practical aspects of animal liberation.

The participants and organisers of the gathering agreed that there would not be tolerated any form of discrimination and oppression during the gathering. Rascists and fascists have tried to infiltrate and have been known to infiltrate and appropriate the animal rights/liberation or anti-speciesist movement for their own agenda. It is important that we act immediately to take a strong stand against fascism within our movement for example at gatherings and in our everyday lives.

For the first time since 1998, when the first International Animal Rights Gathering was held in the Netherlands, antifascist animal liberationists were forced to leave the gathering. This is absolutely not acceptable and was not accepted by us.

At the end of the first day, a part of the gathering spoke out and consequently took a stand against the tolerance of groups and/or individuals with links to the fascist/extreme right movements. As a result, the management who owns the venue where the gathering was taking place, expressed their disagreement in an authoritarian and threatening way. The second day, it was demanded by the management that the people who raised the issue must leave the property. In response, a big part of the gathering showed solidarity with the small group of people who were asked to leave. The situation escalated and the persons concerned were expelled from the site, so that many other attendees of the IARG decided to leave the venue with them.

Later on, we were told that the management forced all activists to leave, but the International Animal Rights Gathering 2013 was far from being over.


We found a nice place to move to all together and continued the gathering in a self-organised way. Organising workshops and food together felt empowering and confirmed that we need spaces where we can organise non-hierarchically.

It is important to reaffirm our position against all forms of oppression, including sexism, trans- and homophobia, speciesism and particularly at this time racism and fascism. These ideologies are dangerous and incompatible with the IARG's position of respect for all individuals without discrimination. It is important to stand not only against fascist and right wing groups, but also those who sympathise with them and allow them a platform.


We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the organisers of this year's gathering for their dedication and hard work before and during the event. Many thanks as well to all involved including volunteers, workshop holders and caterers.


As members of the IARG we are proud to support activists all over the world in their struggle against facism, right wing and other offensive ideologies. By building a culture of solidarity, we can work together to overcome all forms of domination and achieve liberation for all.

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