Let us reduce the world of authority...

Lasst uns ...

On the 22nd of May 2013 three houses in Brussels, Belgium were raided by the police. Eleven anarchists were arrested. The anarchist library Acrata was searched as well by the cops. None of the arrested cooperated during the interrogation of the police. In the last years in Belgium, there were lots and lots of individual and collective attacks and revolts against the prison society we all live in.


Within the walls of the prisons, against the prison guards and the buildings as well as outside against the huge open-air prison with its thousands of cameras, surveillance and transportation systems, which are only there to transport us to work or to the temples of consumption and to watch us. The cops, the state's henchmen, who take care of maintaining everything the way it is. Schools, that have accustomed us to authority since we were children. The employment office, where we get humiliated, when we do not want to work or cannot find a job. The political parties, which pretend to represent us, but only rule us in the end. The deportation machine where we land, when we are not born here and do not own a passport.

No wonder that with this development in times of crisis and increasing general discontent, the Belgian state will proceed against the anarchists. As they have been taking a clear position in the social conflict for years. They have acted for the revolt, the attack against the domination structures, the self-organisation of the exploited, the insurrection and the social revolution.

What distinguishes the attacks and revolts in Belgium from the uprisings in North Africa, is what the dominants – all who profit from this system and sustain it actively – fear. Namely, that more and more exploited, incarcerated and undesired – so all of us who do not benefit from this system – recognize that the beauty of life lies in the level of disobedience, that the anger in our guts could escalate to revolt and maybe to the insurrection against the existing order. In Belgium, here and everywhere. To an insurrection that would bring us closer to real freedom – freedom without authority and domination.

Solidarity with the companions in Belgium!
… to ashes!