GrrZZZ Konzi

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27.Juni 2013 // 20 Uhr // Free Donations

The System as a pain in the ass


”We are a female-male duet from somewhere in France. Irene does electronics, keyboard and programming and Pepe plays guitar and screams. We play what we call “industrial punk” by default, since we don’t own any other words for it, and, meanwhile, we actually got too many words…We are called GRRZZZ, since we just wanted a nasty SOUND-name to be awake as long as possible, not something to get comfortable on big sofas, being dumb and happy consumers…hope we are reliable to it. We play most of of the time in the european alternative scene ( that means anti-commercial, often anarchist and so on ) for 11 years now: this experience is very rich food for our minds. This scene means many locations where, most of the time, in any country ( the ones we know, of course ), a real relationship may happen between us and the people around…ach Jägermeister! A special mention to squatters organizing gigs and other events in their place: this is the heart of the scene!”

Vorgeschmack auf Youtube:
Holiday in Gaza
GRRZZZ Martial trader

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