Athens: Fur Shop, Pet Store, University hit in Night of Action

ALF in Athens

received anonymously (click here for additional photos)

In the early hours of Monday 18/2, groups of comrades made a coordinated attack against various targets in the suburbs of Athens (Greece), which represent different sides of a reality that not only we don’t take for granted but on the contrary, we plan with hate its destruction. Against the authoritarian tombstone of the general social apathy, we promote the chaos of direct action.
Unnegotiable solidarity to the urban guerilla captives of C.C.F., F.A.I.-I.R.F., A.L.F., E.L.F. and to all persecuted and fugitive comrades.

Our attacks were the following:

We painted and sprayed the walls and windows, jammed the lock of the front door and used a hammer against the front glass of two Public Service Centers (Κ.Ε.Π.).

We painted the front glass of a fur and leather shop.

We painted and sprayed the walls and jammed the lock of the front door of the central office of the nationalist student organization DRASIS-KES (ΔΡΑΣΙΣ-ΚΕΣ). We also tore apart their posters in the nearby area.

We sprayed and painted the walls and the garage doors of the home of a bastard who poisons stray animals.

We sprayed and jammed the lock of the front door of a tax office building.

We spray-painted the office of a laboratory animals department.

We spray-painted the home of a judge.

We spray-painted a pet-shop.

We spray-painted the walls of a church office building.

We spray-painted a butcher shop.

We vandalised with spray-paint a BMW.

We vandalised with spray-paint and smashed with hammer the car of a hunter.

We also spray-painted squares and walls inside university areas.

Collaboration of teams
A.L.F. // Chaotics