ALF active against meat industry in Costa Rica

Animal Liberation Front

translation of anonymous report, from Liberacion Total:

In the evening hours of January 30 we sealed the locks at a branch of the multinational mobile phone company Movistar, in Cartago; on February 13 we also sealed the locks of a butcher shop in Tibas. Both actions were attempts to put an end to passivity and calls for organization and direct action against all forms of domination. The everyday system involves life becoming increasingly artificial, interrupting the development of nature; the meat and telecommunications industries contribute to this and that's why they will be the target of our attacks. Words are not needed, actions are missing.

FLA/FLT Antispeciesist Militia - Wild Earth.



translation of anonymous report, from Liberacion Total:

We claim responsibility for the sealing of the locks of a butcher in Cartago, Costa Rica, and we urge other comrades of this territory into action. We salute the Anti-Civilization Fraction of the Earth Liberation Front, ITS, CCF throughout the world, comrades in Indonesia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, United States, Russia, Greece, Marco Camenisch and others whose struggle inspires us to attack. Strength to our imprisoned comrades.

Death to Civilization
Death to the State
Long Live Anarchy

ELF - Wild Earth

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