Vienna: Solidarity with the Reoccupations in La Zad

Vienna: Solidarity with the Reoccupations in La Zad. La Zad (Zone autonome a defendré) is one of the biggest squatted areas in europe, in the northwest of France. On the area of 2000 ha, on which there are situated villages, forest, animals and people, there should be bulit a airoprt although there is allready an airport near to Nantes.


The company Vinci, which is activ worldwide and is specialised in bulding higways, airports, nuclear power plants and prisons has since 2000 the bulding license. Since more than 40 years inhabitants and activists are organizing themselfs against the construction of the airport. After the Climat Camp For Action 2008 there were squatted more and more houses and parts of the woods.

La Zad became not only a scene against the fight of the airport but also a place of autonomous anticapitalistic ways of life.

Current Situation:

The year 2012 will be crucial concerning the fight against the airport and for a self determined life, the company Vinci wants to empty sue. Evict with violence and to clear the area, to seal the fertile land with concrete. Already at the 16th of October Vinci started with the evictions, despite all resistance. Seven settelments were evicted, but there are still over 20 settelments and squats left.

Exactly one month (the 17th of November) after the evictions it is planned to squat the evicted places again. The activists from La Zad are calling out for international solidarity, we want to go along with this call.

The company Vinci,which ganed fortunes during times of colonialism, has also branch offices in vienna. Lets say hello to this branch office and make a clear statment against their capitalist machinations.



-- Thursday, 15.11.2012

-- 13:00 Esterhazypark (Haus des Meeres)

organise yourself, come in groups, bring materials, consider actions...