Editorial guidelines

The editorial guidelines explain how we will deal with articles at Indymedia linksunten. The linksunten collective operates according to these basic principles. These guidelines are not static, and they will be under constant review and when needed, they will be changed. These terms are written down so as to ensure that editorial decisions are transparent.


What do we want?

We want to provide a political platform for emancipatory, solidary and leftist content. Indymedia relies on user-researched news and self-written reports based on personal experience. We hope for understandable, well written articles.


Sorting by the authors

All postings will be stored in the archive and appear on the main page immediately. Depending on where the author wants to place his/her/their contribution it will be found in the newswire, the calendar or the press archive. The articles can also be assigned to a certain topic or location, events can additionally be assigned to a certain activity. Articles can be tagged with the date of the decribed event and will appear in the calendar. All categorisations can be corrected or information added by the editorial collective.


Sorting by the moderators

All texts that are good quality in terms of content, form and depth will additionally be placed in the centre column. Particularly good articles can also be added to the kaleidoscope in the left column. Issues of high political importance can be highlighted at the very top of the centre column. There are galleries for media which are linked to the main page.


Additions and comments

Additional information may be added to any article. Additions will be displayed in a tree structure. Editors can mark additions subsequently as comments. As for comments, only the headline will be displayed and the content of a specific comments, or if desired all, can be opened with a mouse click.


Corrections and errors

Old versions of articles may be viewed in the revisions section. In case one of the versions of an article violates the editorial guidelines we have to censor all versions of the article in question. If you disagree with any editorial decision or correction contact us by email or in the chatroom.


What we don’t want?

All content that endangers leftist projects or people will be deleted, which can also include unblurred photos. We will censor any fascist, racist, nationalist, antisemitic, homophobic, sexist and militaristic content. Censored postings will not be accessible, but can be requested by email. We will hide commercial advertising, spam, conspiracy theories and any religious statements as well as double postings. Hidden articles can still be viewed in the trash archive, but can neither be commented nor found by search engines. In order to make these decisions understandable, we will give a reason for every piece of censorship or hiding.


Be part of it! Stay with us!

This editorial policy is not static. If you have any suggestions, wishes or if you would like to join us just write an email, chat with us or come to the meetings.


Get off the internet, see you on the barricades…

As at February 2nd 2009