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Cupula dos povos

Radio Summit will be on the Web and broadcast, live, during the Peoples' Summit, an event parallel to Rio+20, straight from Flamengo's Park in Rio de Janeiro. The stream will be transmitted by radio stations worldwide. The event takes place between 15 and 23 June. Schedule, operational procedures, and a "coexistence'guide " for the radio stations present at the Summit are being built in a partnership with radios community, free, educational and public associations, and civil society organizations that share the same view on the issues involving Social and Environmental Justice.

Those institutions or groups wishing
to be part of this process need to confirm the participation of at least one person with experience in radio programs edition and production. The Radio People's Summit will provide a shared infrastructure, including audio equipments and a team of operators to support the production of radio content during the event.

The programming of Radio Peoples' Summit will be open for all languages, songs, rhythms, colors and accents You are invited to joint us in this collective process of construction!

Subscribe to the list, so you'll be part of this process and know the criteria for joining the program schedule. (The entry in the list does not guarantee your participation immediately. The schedule will be a result of the collective process in this list.)

Discover the digital platform Summit: It will receive texts, videos and audios on issues of Rio +20 and People’s Summit, useful also as an archive of materials to be republished worldwide. The platform is a form of content exchange between those who will be in Rio de Janeiro and those who follow the process from afar.

More information on the official website of the People's Summit:

The staff of Radio Summit