Hühnerbefreiung und Undercoverrecherche in Italien

Der Preis für Eier!

reported by essereAnimali:

"February 2012
'essereAnimali' freed two HENS from a factory farm.

A truly warm greeting to all the people that every day feel inside their hearts the respect for all animals and the earth we live in, to all the activists that all around the world fight for animal liberation and to the people that with love and patience care for the few rescued animals in the animal sanctuaries or shelters.

We are writing on behalf of 'essereAnimali', an animal activist group active in Italy that organise initiative for the diffusion of a VEGAN life style. We want to highlight an investigation that kept us busy in last months, we have called it 'EGGS FACTORY'. It provides an overall view of the animal exploitation to which laying hens are forced.


Investigation-> www.vimeo.com/37624687

This small contribution of ours wants to be supportive of all the animals and this is why the pictures, videos and information we collected come from all the typology of factory farms, also of the factories called 'organic' that mislead the consumers evoking a false concept of animal welfare, welfare that is not possible within any kind of animal factory.


'EGGS FACTORY' wishes to spread the message that every animal wants to be free and that if we truly love them the only choice we can make is a vegan life style.

Now this investigation can be publicly viewed on our website, we had previously organised a informative action in Bologna to spread the information and we will shortly start to present the investigation results in cultural clubs, libraries, community centres and squatting communities.

We hope the information we provide will make people reflect and reconsider the treatment we subject animals within our society.

It is somehow normal that, facing that huge tragedy of animal exploitation, people sometimes feel low in morale and start to think that fighting these atrocities, believed as normal by the majority, is too difficult or impossible.

But we cannot be discouraged for too long, we must learn how to give the right value also to the small and good things we do.

Every time we went into the factories to collect the material for our investigation, we found animals that were scared, wounded or dead.
Although we were aware that we cannot free all of them, we decided to take two of those hens, an action that is obviously only symbolic of the number of the living beings that every day are consumed by the food industry, but that for those two single hens has surely meant much.

We took them from a factory farm and we brought them to a homely environment, where they have come to know grass, sun and freedom for the first time and where they will be treated as individuals.

They are the living testimonials of the future change we all have to fight for.

To all their sisters still shut in, we dedicate this liberation.


Liberation pictures-->
Free hens video--> www.vimeo.com/39396496
website--> www.essereanimali.org

essereAnimali - different species, one planet"