Dublin II Abschiebungen stoppen!

dublin II

Fr, 30.3. bundesweiter Dublin II Aktionstag

Manifestation in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich

30.03.2012, 17:00 Uhr
Düsseldorf Flughafen, Terminal B, Abflughalle


„Dublin II means: They play football with us. They kick us from one country to the next, they play with us and they waste our time.“
(Teenager from Afghanistan, who crossed half of Europe on his flight before being deported to Hungary)


We all know about deportations — but the fact that about one third of all deportations take place within Europe might be unknown to many. Last year, almost three thousand so called „Dublin-Transfers“ from Germany were carried out. The legal basis for this is the so called Dublin II regulation. Unlike suggested by this name, the persons affected by this regulation are not being deported to Dublin, but in most cases to Rome, Milan, Budapest or Malta.


The Dublin II Regulation lays down rules on which European state is in charge for processing an application for asylum. With few exceptions, it thereby follows the „principle of causation“: Having „caused“ the entry of the asylum seeker by issuing a visa or by not properly protecting its borders, the first member state in which the asylum seeker sets foot is held responsible for the examination of the application for asylum. If the refugee applies for asylum in another member state and this is detected, e.g. by means of an entry in the European fingerprint database EuroDAC, he or she will be deported to the state „in charge“. Thus, the central European states (particularly Germany and France) got rid of their responsibility for refugees by shifting it on to the states on the external borders of Europe.


Many refugees are fighting back desperately – and we will stand up in support on March 30th at different airports! As due to the Dublin II regulation refugees are threatened with deportation even before their asylum procedure actually started. Many of them lived through several years of odyssey through Europe, searching for protection, fleeing not only the situation in their country of origin, but now even detention under inhumane conditions in Hungary, homelessness and hunger in Italy or complete lack of prospects in Malta as well as fearing deportation to a persecutory state from Poland.


Resistance against inter-European deportations indeed pays off: In 2011, the European Court of Human Rights judged that the situation for refugees in Greece constitutes a breach of human rights. Almost all Member States were forced to abandon transfers to Greece. But in Italy, the refugees‘ situation is not any better: Many have to live in makeshift shacks made from plastic sheets near the train stations of Rome, Ostiense or Ponte Mammolo.

We call out to support refugees, who courageously fight for their rights! Take a stand with us on March 30th: Stand up against inter-European deportations! Come on Friday, 30/03/2012, to the airports and participate in the protest against Dublin 2 deportations and for the unconditional freedom to move – to Europe and in Europe!