ALF befreit Schweine in England

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received anonymously:

"2 Piglets liberated from farm in solidarity with prisoner Luke Steele -Midlands, UK

Under the cover of darkness we visited a family run (and supposedly high welfare) pork farm. Upon arrival we climbed over the fence and simply walked through the unlocked door to the shed and were hit with a strong stench of ammonia. The conditions were a disgrace, no straw, the pigs knee deep in shit, rats scurrying around everywhere... just business as usual.

We bagged the 2 nearest pigs we could see and made off into the night.

All these poor pigs will ever know is fear and a life inside windowless sheds until they meet the knife... and at that I implore anyone who is reading this to take direct action, its easier than you may think!

For the animals, We will be back!
- ALF"

Visit "Support the Harlan Two" to learn more about imprisoned activist Luke Steele.