Death & Devil

This is a message to everybody and nobody from no one in particular. I am writing because you need to know that I have no voice, no face and no identity. I only have a presence. But this includes all the world, even these who continue to abuse it. My past has been stolen from me, since I was looking at the future without an experience of abuse. Now history itself is revisionist because everything in the present is a lie in the flow of time. Any truth has become a target for evil, and the closest thing to evil on Earth, the regime, has attacked the closest thing to truth here, the human yearning. This means you because only you can abolish the regime, clear its legacies and rehabilitate the targeted. You have to decide upon what is to be done and how this can be successfully prevented in the future. Just like there already is a first amendment to the categorical imperative, you can add another one.

I am not surprised that entering the peace that is to be created out of the remains of this war requires to be free of any regime contamination, for otherwise it would not be what it is being called but only another toxic continuity under a fraudulent name. All my life since my ancestors took me to the forest I have abstained from any regime power, because everything I could give to you would be contaminated by it. My original trust in this basic principle has guided me through situations so different from each other that finding any other aspect that is in all of them would be a futile effort  of phatic projection and distortion. As it was said in the last century, if you do not go after the regime the regime goes after you, and in my experience this means that you have to find out what has taken place and how an appropriate compensation can be applied. I cannot give you incontestable evidence of theft, because only final definitions which I cannot safely make as long as the regime still exists would allow me to argue so, but the fact that such a dilemma is incontestably taking place in the present should be indication enough. You can observe the regime extend the horizons of its lies time and again, as they fail to fulfill its expectations to contaminate the memories in the souls it intends to break, while I am fighting it off my life and that of everyone I ever freely shared anything with.

Such as having your past stolen from you includes that your future is inaccessible as well, getting back your future requires that you also get back your past. But until that is accomplished the present only is what was never stolen from you, and in my situation that means what the regime never managed to steal. Since I lured that evil entity into stealing from me as an individual even what it was already stealing from everyone else as a community, it has become obvious to anyone interested in the free flow of time that this dilemma in fact is the sign of an age in which the possibility of the future requires the liberation of the past from the prisons of the present. For likewise obvious reasons I cannot share all of my present until I have my future and my past returned, and decontaminated them from any regime influence. The abolition of the regime is precondition not only for my but everyones returning to life as it was before the worst theft in written history took place. And yet this necessary experience of ending the regime is already the farcical repetition of an unwritten tragedy that is the explanation for the coming into existence of such an entity in the first place. Even before being attacked with targeted evil intent, life already had been hit with ambiguous intent or by collateral damage, and abolition means both the returning of the past as well as that of the future, which has no place for any regime influence. Only when this is so both for the community and for the individual, abolition really is abolition and not theft.

This perfidious inversion of language is the most visible pattern of what the regime has done to humanity. The regime lies in the name of preventing lies, the regime abuses in the name of preventing abuse, the regime commits genocide in the name of preventing genocide, and the lies can be recognised from being built on nothing but the banality of subtexts full of preemptive denial of any possible alternative. Most of the lifetime of humanity, language was much more spoken than written, but with the democratic abolition of the monopoly on scripture the dilemma in using it has opened up more than ever. It is possible to do documentation against rumour, but when rumour is being turned into documents and original documentation is stolen to be a source of rumour, the monopoly on the technology of language continues under a fraudulent name. When creative property is not respected as apocryphal, and rumour is not allowed to die away, language itself becomes one big lie because there is no freedom in it, only an empty promise. The more intimate the intrusion the worse the consequences, in the sense that the phatic projection might not even be identified as such by innocents lacking complicity in the theft.

Therefore the parallel to the fascism of the last century is so striking, because this present continuity of it in the regime of democracy aims at the very same model for humanity, a society where torture, abuse and harassment by the regime can happen without anyone even having the language to complain against it, neither the targets nor any innocent bystanders – and in fact everyone remains guilty from letting it happen. It is an elementary fact that this moral-intellectual dehumanisation is the specific ingredient that makes fascism more lethal than any other oppressive rule, even when the openly violent component is still to be added, because once it is being added, as the known intentions of democratic fascism inevitably will, there is nothing any more that could resist it. Such as heaven on Earth begins with a dream getting conscious about itself, hell in our world begins with the theft of dreams from the reflection in language of the consciousness of the innocent, long before it is presenting itself as what it is to everyone. In this sense, that it could be abused to lie by a kleptocracy, anything from a carving in a tree to digital data is language, no matter of alphabet.

There are many threats to the very existence of humanity on this Earth, all of which are more material than any of the dreams of alternatives beyond. Capitalism, exponential growth, famine, disaster, the all too often denied organised irresponsibility of climate change, atomic power, wars and so on. Seen as separate items, everything appears worse than the regime assault against the human consciousness and its technologies of self-determination. After all nobody seems to have been killed by having reflections of their dreams stolen, and when someone is it is their own fault, isn´t it? Or not? Could it be more like the assault on biodiversity? Worst in terms of collateral damage, because all the possibilities of damage prevention in regard to the other threats lost in that assault do count as well, since the causes of such damage are not mutually exclusive. It does only add evil intent to this horrendous effect when proof is obtained that the immaterial damage was done on purpose, to enable material damage which otherwise could not have taken place. Understanding the nature of fascism as the worst possible attack on truth and the unavoidable consequences of it, as they unfold into a totally false consciousness based on the most murderous plagiarism and the most suicidal ignorance, already is quite a close experience of the issue for a living being, let off the assassination attempts.

When I look at the regime attack against my life, as much as can be reconstructed of it until the transfer of perpetrator documentation will take place, how it began, what it revealed of itself by its targeting, how it became a conflict of monstrous stupidity and seemingly unlimited resources against better knowledge and historical truth, how it is about to end after all in the most abusive intimidation and ignorance, what is going to remain against it in the human mind, what the fact that this asymmetric crime could go on for so long is telling about all the involved, I have in mind what helped me to survive such an evil projection of death into my life, and how I helped it do the same in its situation. When you look at this attack, look not only what it has done to me and everyone I love, but also at what it has enabled to be done to all of humanity, to all species, surviving and extinct, we share this heavenly planet with, to the spirit of the Earth and to your own lives. Look at what has always been the destination of its lethal narrative and what humanity and other species can do to shorten its way there. Then, to take the stolen time back once and for all, do with the regime what is necessary to be done with the regime.

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