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After a trip of nearly five and a half days from Normandy in France the 13th delivery of processed German nuclear waste reached the “temporary” storage hall in Gorleben, a village in northwest Germany at about 10 pm on Monday   +++   Police perpetrated massive violence and breaches of the law against demonstrators, injuring at least 355 with truncheons, gas, dogs, horses and water cannons  +++   The 25,000 activists in the county were the second largest number ever   +++   Resistance against the shipment began in France where activists reported police violence against them but also an upsurge of anti-nuclear sentiment in the country   +++   In the Gorleben area resistance took the form of rail and road squats, chain-ons (one caused a 14-hour delay in the train journey) and massive road traffic disruptions, notably by farmers with tractors and agricultural machinery +++ (See German Source here)



Mon 10:54 pm The activists' first aid team of doctors and other health professionals report treating at least 355 injured by police, including serious head wounds and a suspected vertebral fracture from truncheoning. About a third of the injuries were caused by gas, the others mainly by truncheons. One person was run down by a horse, another had a tooth bashed out. Some police who'd been affected by their own mace or who were totally exhausted (10 cases) were also treated. In some cases the first aiders were denied access, especially during the trucking phase. Nine were ordered away from places. A doctor was not allowed to examine an arrested injured person. In another case first aiders were kettled while washing out people's eyes. There were several cases of police violence against first aiders, e.g. one was injured by gas, another by several blows with a truncheon. A first aid camp in Laase was overrun linkby police, who threatened and insulted first aiders. The group is shocked by the high number of injured which will probably rise because not all the numbers are in yet.

Monday 28 November 2011
Rein 1   Rein 2   Rein 3   Rein 4
After 126 hours en route the 13th CASTOR delivery arrived for storage in Gorleben. The longest and most expensive delivery trip ever was caused by blockades of anti-nuclear activists, starting in France, continuing throughout Germany and culminating in the Gorleben area itself. Pictures provided by PubliXViewing, more at http://www.publixviewing.de/index.php?cont=news&id=183&n=1.
Mon 10:21 pm Dannenberg: And to wrap it up: The bottom line is only power and cash can help. Please donate to the known accounts.
Mon 10:19 pm Dannenberg: Though this was the last CASTOR delivery for now, resistance against nuclear installations in the Wendland and everywhere continues.
Mon 10:17 pm Dannenberg: Thank you for your power, creativity and endurance. Travel home safely.


Mon 10:02 Trebel: News conference an hour from now with all actors in the resistance in the Trebeler Bauernstuben (pub).
Mon 10:01 pm Dannenberg: Please take extreme care when driving through the county. 


Mon 9:57 pm Laase: There are more injured and drenched people in Laase than the first aiders can attend to and dry.
Mon 9:50 pm Gorleben: At nearly 126 hours this is the longest CASTOR delivery in Wendland history.
Mon 9:54 Laase: 10 minutes after the CASTOR convoy has passed, police storm the first aid camp in Laase and snatches people out of it. 

squat 4   squat 6   squat 5   squat 2   squat 1    squat 3  

After just short of two days, police dispersed a squat blockade organised in Gorleben by x-tausendmal quer ("get in the way thousands of times"). Soon afterwards 11 CASTOR caskets rolled into the compound of the light-construction storage hall, found recently before this delivery to be exuding more radiation that the law allows. (Pictures provided by PubliXViewing. More pictures about this at http://www.publixviewing.de/index.php?cont=news&id=181&n=1.)



Mon 9:50 pm Gorleben: The CASTOR convoy has reached the entrance to the storage tin hut south of Gorleben. The first truck is waiting to enter the compound.
Mon 9:48 pm Laase: Police perpetrating their usual excesses, giving full on vent to their need for violence.

Mon 9:40 pm Gorleben: The first CASTOR truck reaches the entrance to Gorleben, where protesters whistle and boo it.
Mon 9:39 pm Gorleben: More vanguard has passed the village entrance. Several helicopters airborne.
Mon 9:37 pm Gorleben: 200 people gathered at the entrance.

Mon 9:32pm Gorleben: The vanguard of the convoy has passed the entrance to Gorleben.

Mon 9:28 pm Through Laase.

Mon 9:24 pm Through Pretzetze.

Mon 9:19 pm Laase: Use of the water cannons in Laase are causing the straw fires to smoke profusely.

Mon 9:14 pm Laase: The water sprayed by the cannons has laid white frost over the area.

Mon 9:09 pm Laase: Ten water cannons positioned in Laase to defend the road.

Mon 9:00 pm Grippel: The two people who had climbed onto the driver cabin have left it again or were forced to leave it.


Mon  8:54 pm Grippel: The  CASTOR convoy is still stopped outside the entrance to Grippel.

Mon  8:39 pm Groß Gusborn: Two armoured bulldozers want to drive through the rally in Gross Gusborn. Police threaten to use mace to force their way through.

Mon  8:06 pm Grippel: Convoy stopped.

Mon  8:36 pm Gross Gusborn.: Police units violently force their way through the registered rally in Gross Gusborn.

             Nebel 2  Nebel 1  Nebel 4  Nebel 7



                              Mebel 8   Nebel 5   Nebel 6

Shortly before and shortly after the CASTOR trucks had passed through, police unleashed vengeful violence on demonstrators. They police had just got new toys, water cannons that can shoot 50 metres. Imagine that aimed at you from close range.... Pictures provided by PubliXViewing, more available at http://www.publixviewing.de/index.php?cont=news&id=182&n=1.


Mon  8:34 pm Laase: Water cannon extinguish demonstrators’ comfort fires.


Mon 8:31 pm Laase: Police acting outside the zone in which demonstrations were declared illegal, i.e. in areas where the right to demonstrate is intact. As usual.


Mon 8:30 pm Laase: Police using snatch squads and water cannons. Mood heating up.


Mon 8:28 pm Grippel: About 20 minutes ago two people jumped onto the driver’s cab of the first CASTOR truck, making it stop.


Mon 8:22 pm Laase: The relaxed mood is gone again, police acting violently against protesters again.


Mon 8:13 pm Gusborn: Rumour from various sources about two people sitting on the first CASTOR truck, causing it to stop between Gusborn and Grippel.


Mon 7:55 pm Laase: The situation in Laase has relaxed and has been replaced by something like a camp fire gathering.


Mon 7:54 pm Gusborn: Near Gusborn the road is slippery, causing the CASTOR convoy to move at only walking speed. Drive carefully!


Mon 7:46 pm Through Gross-Gusborn


Mon 7:27 pm Laase: There are injured people who need counseling, blankets and other things to warm them up. Access is possible via Dünsche.


Mon 7:08 pm Laase: 18 people arrested so far.


Mon 7:00 pm Through Splietau.


Mon 6:53 pm Breese in Marsch: By warning that the local court will be asked to intervene the situation relaxes.


Mon 6:41 pm Dannenberg: The CASTOR convoy takes the southern route.


Mon 6:40 pm Departing Dannenberg.


Mon 6:38 pm Dannenberg: CASTOR convoy starts out.


Mon 6:36 pm Laase: Police ride horses right through the crowd at the Musenpalast (Palace of the Muses) and randomly snatch people from the crowd.


              Breese 1  Breese 2  Breese 3  Breese 4


A birthday party on the middle of the road in Breese. Enying cake and drinks, guests are treated to a gymnastics display. Police went on to smash the party. Pictures provided by PubliXViewing, more on this theme at http://www.publixviewing.de/index.php?cont=news&id=180&n=1.


                                                                       Breese 5  Breese 6


Mon 6:32 pm Breese in der Marsch: Police announce they will break up the birthday party.


Mon 6:29 pm Gorleben: Three female climbers have been removed, one person is still up in the tree.


Mon 6:23 pm Langendorf: Police threaten to evacuate the tree house.


Mon 6:15 pm Göttingen: 30 people doing a loud solidarity rally.


Mon 6:06 pm Laase: The registered vigil is broken up by horses and water cannons.


Mon 6:04 pm Langendorf: Police search the tree house of Robin Wood. They allow the men and women activists to stay there for the time being.


Mon 6:01 pm Gorleben: Evacuation of the activist climbers near the prior squat blockade starts.


Mon 5:54 pm Gorleben: In the direction of Laase 200 people form a human chain on the road.


Mon 5:52 Grippel: By removing valves from its tires police have made a vehicle of the first aid centre unusable.


Mon 5:50 pm Laase: Individual people brutally torn from the crowd.


Mon 5:45 pm Laase: Horses are also used against activists.


Mon 5:44 pm Laase: Individual people are targeted by water cannons.


Mon 5:39 pm Gorleben: Special high and low police technical unit has moved in to evacuate the climbers.


Mon 5:34 pm Laase: Water cannon helps put out a straw fire.


Mon 5:32 pm Dannenberg: Male and female drivers entering their cabs.


Mon 5:27 pm Langendorf: Police to make contact with the activists in the tree house by using a lifting platform.


Mon 5:04 pm Breese in Marsch: 60 people are celebrating a birthday party with music and cake.


Mon 5:03 pm Gorleben: The x-tausendmalquer squat blockade outside Gorleben has been completely dispersed, male and female Robin Wood climbers are still suspended by their ropes.


Mon 4:59 pm Laase: The second blockading van has turned out to be a wrong-parker. Police broke it open and drove it away.


Mon 4:50 pm Gorleben: Male and female Robin Wood climbers are still on rope bridges over the blockade.


Mon 4:49 pm Gorleben: Police massively hinder the press from covering what’s happening and some journalists are verbally abused.


Mon 4:41pm Gorleben: The blockade still comprises more than 50 people.


Mon 4:37 pm Gorleben: Outside Gorleben on the Laase side of the blockade units of the federal police are being extremely rough, throwing people over barriers.


Mon 4:34 pm Laase: Rumour that another van is blocking in Laase.


Mon 4:33 pm Gorleben: Three quarters of the squat have been removed.


Mon 4:31pm Gorleben: The people removed from the squat are let go without further action away from the squat.


Mon 4:18 pm Gorleben: Police are removing squatters from the blockade outside Gorleben.


Mon 4:16 pm Klein Gusborn: The road is completely free.


Mon 4:10 pm Gorleben: Police removing the road squatters, using pain-inflicting grips.


Mon 3:53 pm Gorleben: The xtausend blockade is being removed.


Mon 3:54 pm Gorleben: Police have made the third obligatory call to vacate.


Mon 3:53 pm Klein Gusborn: The blockading delivery van of Greenpeace is being moved off the road.


Mon 3:53 pm Dannenberg: The 11th CASTOR has been lifted on to its truck.


Mon 3:35 pm Dannenberg: Reloading of the 11th and last CASTOR casket has begun.


Mon 3:29 pm Breese in der Marsch: The vigil near Breese in der Marsch offers the 40 people present an equestrian show.


Mon 3:29 pm Gorleben: The people squatting outside Gorleben have been ordered the second time to vacate.


Mon 3:25 Dannenberg: The tenth CASTOR has been transferred.


Mon 3:17 pm Gorleben: Robin Wood climbers have built several ropeways over the people sitting on the road.


Mon 3:14 pm Schaafhausen: Police got the switches mixed up in the confiscated tractor so that instead of the ignition, they activated the frontload tip bucket full of manure.


Mon 3:11 pm Siemen: Serious sand drifts between Siemen and Dünsche.


Mon 3:05 pm Gorleben: Police issue first order to vacate to the xtausend squatters on the road.


Mon 3:01pm Wendland: Latest counts of protest actions had 150 people near Klein Gusborn, 1,600 outside Gorleben, 600 near Laase and 100 in Gross Gusborn.


Mon 3:01pm Klein Gusborn: The equipment under the Greenpeace vehicle was unlocked from the carriageway and could be removed.


Mon 2:50 pm Dannenberg: Radio Freies Wendland has additional transmission times: From 6 pm to 7 pm on the frequencies of Radio Zusa.


Mon 2:48 pm Dannenberg: The tenth CASTOR casket is being loaded into its truck.


Mon 2:35 pm Breese in der Marsch: People and vehicles forming a blockade behind the reloading crane.


Mon 1:53 pm Dannenberg: Ninth CASTOR on its truck.


Mon 1:46 pm Wendland: Police from all over the county and neighbouring counties are moving to the trucking route.


Mon 1:24 pm > Gorleben: The x-tausendmalquer squat blockade can still be reached from Gedelitz and the direction of Gartow.

Mon 1:19 pm > Laase: The band Atomkraft Wegbassen (Blow Nuclear Power Away) is filling the village with sound from the infopoint in the direction of Gorleben.

Mon 1:12 pm > Dannenberg: The ninth CASTOR being loaded.

Mon 1:08 pm > Dannenberg: Eighth CASTOR is on its truck.

Mon 1:01 pm > Schaafhausen: Tractors are blocking the road from Lüchow to Dannenberg.

Mon 1:01 pm > Siemen: Tractors and combine harvesters are testing the solidity of the road between Gusborn und Siemen.


Mon  12:52 pm > Klein Gusborn: Police technicians are working on the concrete lump in the Greenpeace vehicle. The two in the block are well.

Mon  12:47 pm > Splietau: Many tractors now parked near Splietau near the CASTOR trucking route.

Mon  12:39 pm: Groß Gusborn: The marauding Music Fighting Wagon has managed to find a way to get to Groß Gusborn via Siemen to the rally.

Mon 12:16 pm > Langendorf: The Robin Wood tree house still occupied by activists.

Mon 12:10 pm > Dünsche: In 2,000 leftover tickets for the Musenpalast are being given away under legal supervision.


Mon 11:59 am > Dünsche: Many police from various directions are meeting up in Dünsche.


Mon 11:55 am > Wendland: Although they have official police press ID cards journalists are being turned away.

Mon 11:49 am > Dannenberg: The seventh CASTOR casket has been loaded.

Mon 11:37 am > Graswurzel.tv media advisory: Video: Pyramid blockade of the rail track in Harlingen

Mon 11:35 am > Greenpeace media advisory: Greenpeace activists protest in Klein Gusborn on the southern route of the CASTOR trucking.

Mon 11:30 am > Gusborn: Police are not letting people through to the vigil in Groß Gusborn, although it has been registered.

Mon 11:15 am > Dannenberg: The seventh CASTOR casket is being reloaded.


Mon 10:55 am > Dannenberg: The sixth CASTOR casket has been reloaded undamaged.

Mon 10:49 am > Gorleben: People have been streaming in to the X-tausendmalquer squat blockade, which now has 1000 people.

Mon 10:39 am > Quickborn: A CASTOR kitchen has opened up on the  Quickborn village street and is supplying protesters with yummy food.


Mon 10:33 am> Klein Gusborn: Police have put up a sight screen around the Greenpeace blockade and brought in material, press are being pushed away.

Mon 10:33 am> Greenpeace media release: Greenpeace activists protesting in Klein Gusborn on the southern CASTOR trucking route


Mon 10:29 am > Dannenberg: The fifth CASTOR casket is on its truck, they’re working on the sixth.

Mon 10:23 am > Dannenberg: Reloading the fifth casket.

Mon 10:08 am > Preungesheim: The attorney of the activist climber, Cecile Lecomte, says she’s in a cell on her own and is being denied medicaments, books, access to the exercise yard and telephone.

Mon 09:53 am > Klein Gusborn: Loud music, though the fields it’s possible to get to the trucking route.

Mon 09:50 am > Dannenberg: The BI Lüchow-Dannenberg expects the earliest departure of the CASTOR trucks at 3 pm.

Mon 09:42 am > Dannenberg: The fourth CASTOR casket is on its truck, work is starting on the fifth.

Mon 09:40 am > Greenpeace media release: 600-fold heightened radiation through nuclear waste transportation – Despite inadequate security from terrorism attack: 44 Fukushimas rolling to Gorleben

Mon 09:37 am > Gorleben: X-tausendmalquer reports 800 good-humoured folks enjoying breakfast as they squat-block. Access from Gedelitz is possible.

Mon 09:25 am > Dannenberg: Radio Freies Wendland broadcasts from 10 to 4 o’clock on VHF on the frequencies of  Radio Zusa.

Mon 09:20 am > Klein Gusborn: Greenpeace activists with a van have affixed themselves to the road.


Mon 9:12 am > Dannenberg: At this time the CASTOR train 11/2011 with 11 caskets has been travelling for 111 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds.

Mon 9:09 am > Dannenberg: Loading the fourth CASTOR has begun.

Mon 9:00 am > Dannenberg: News conference called for 11 o’clock on the Esso-Wiese to talk about the farmers’ 14-hour concrete pyramid blockade and other matters.

Mon 8:41 am > Dannenberg: The third CASTOR has been craned onto its truck.

Mon 8:08 am > Laase: Still lots of culture programme offered in the Musenpalast in Laase. Tickets and access via Dünsche.

Mon 8:07 am > Dannenberg: Loading of the third CASTOR has begun.

Mon 7:49 am > Dannenberg: The second CASTOR is on its truck.


Mon 7:10 am > Dannenberg: Loading of the second CASTOR casket has begun.

Mon 7:03 am > Dannenberg: The first CASTOR casket has been loaded onto a low-loader truck.

Mon 6:54 am > BI Lüchow-Dannenberg media release: Castor reaches intermediate destimation - "That is not the end of demonstratioons, that is the end of Gorleben"

Mon 6:27 am > Dannenberg: Loading of the first CASTOR onto a low-loader truck has begun.

Mon 6:16 am > Nebenstedt: During the rally in Nebenstedt five confiscated tractors are transported off in the direction of Dannenberg.

Mon 6:06 am > Nebenstedt: Rally. People’s kitchen is there, too.

Mon 5:04 am > Dannenberg: The first three CASTOR caskets have been moved into the loading facility.

Mon 4:26 am > Nebenstedt: Rally starting at 5:30 on rally ground.

Mon 4:19 am > Dannenberg: The CASTOR train has arrived at the reloading crane.

Mon 3:55 am > Dannenberg: The CASTOR train has arrived.

Mon 3:31 am > Hitzacker: Three advance trains and the CASTOR train rolled through Hitzacker.

Mon 3:03 am > The CASTOR train remains at Harlingen.

Mon 2:51 am > Hitzacker: Person removed from the rails where they had chained themselves.

Mon 2:33 am > Hitzacker: Behind the rail squat that had been removed a new one has formed, which has just been given the police’s third obligatory call to move away.

Mon 2:14 am > Siemen: At the vigil tickets remain available for the Musenpalast (entertainment).

Mon 2:11 am > Hitzacker: The squat blockade on the rails has been removed, police are still working on grinding loose the person chained to the rails.


Mon 1:57 am > Harlingen: While the evacuation continues in Hitzacker the CASTOR train waits at Harlingen.

Mon 1:55 am > Sallahn: Farming equipment on the street.

Mon 1:22 am > Pudripp: Almost 20 tractors on the crossroads.

Mon 1:11 am > Hitzacker: Within the blockade, one person has chained themselves to the rails.


Mon 00:55 am > Platenlaase: Between Grabow and Platenlaase there are two large straw bales on the road, please drive carefully.

Mon 00:47 am > Dünsche: An exhibition of farming machinery has made the street impassable. Route advisories available at Siemen vigil.

Mon 00:44 am > Waddeweitz: About 50 people at the roundabout.

Mon 00:36 am > Graswurzel.tv media release: Video: X-tausendmal quer squat blockade part 1

Mon 00:32 am > Hitzacker: Police evacuation of the rails has begun.

Mon 00:26 am > Hitzacker: More than a thousand people in a good mood sitting on rails near Hitzacker in several groups. 


Mon 00:21 am > Hitzacker: Water cannon and many police at Rail km 184 near Hitzacker.


Mon 00:25 am > Harlingen: The CASTOR train is still stopped near Harlingen.


Mon 00:06 am > Presently the best-guarded spot in the republic: the Streets roundabout.




Sunday 27 November 2011



Sun 11:59 pm > Hitzacker: Third police order to move on given to the Hitzacker squat blockers.


Sun 11:58 pm > Waddeweitz: Heavy machinery drifts (sand-drift-like) at the roundabout.


Sun 11:57 pm > Harlingen: Rumoured that the train will be parked overnight in a secured area near Harlingen.


Sun 11:54 pm > Harlingen: Just before the Harlingen underpass police have secured the rails with NATO razor wire and set up floodlighting.


Sun 11:48 pm > Through Göhrde.


Sun 11:41 pm > Hitzacker: With the explanation “police measure” journalists are prevented from going to the rail squats.


Sun 11:39 pm > Hitzacker: Still about 1,000 people sitting along 600 metres of railway track. First police order given to move on.


Sun 11:33 pm > Hitzacker: Rumoured that police have stopped working on the concrete pyramid.


Sun 11:31 pm > Preungesheim: Under threat of punishment, the Preungesheim juvenile prison asks that no more solidarity phone calls for Cecile Lecomte be made.


Sun 11:30 pm > Through Oldendorfer Brücke.


Sun 11:27 pm > Oldendorf: Traffic chaos on Oldendorf Bridge as police vehicles and other drivers entangle.


Sun 11:23 pm > Through Süschendorf.


Sun 11:14 pm > Hitzacker: Rail squats remain with more than 1,000.

Sun 11:08 pm > Hitzacker: 100 people at the second blockade. Police withdraw.


Sun 11:03 pm > Dahlenburg: Run continues.  


Sun 11:45 pm > Hitzacker: Police have stopped working on the concrete pyramid and now want to negotiate. The three male and one female farmers,  Fritz Pothmer, Georg Jansen, Heiko Müller and Hanna Schwarz, want the following demands communicated to federal environment minister, Norbert Röttgen: “We are prepared to unlock ourselves from the concrete pyramid if the environment ministry agrees to the following: 1. Immediate cessation of all construction work in the Gorleben salt deposit, 2. Immediate cessation of all Castor transports to Gorleben until the handling of German nuclear waste has been clarified, 3. No criminal prosecution of chained on people.”Sun 8:36 pm > Hitzacker: Due to the matryoshka (Russian doll) stacking design of the farmers’ pyramid the three men and a woman are likely to remain chained on for quite some time.


Sun 11:00 pm > Hitzacker: The pyramid blockade in Hitzacker has ended: Fritz, Hanna, Georg, Heiko – Thank you!



 Pyramide Hitzacker 3  Pyramide Hitzacker 2   Pyramide Hitzacker 6 Pyramide Hitzacker 4  Pyramide Hitzacker 5

At 7 o'clock on Sunday morning four local farmers - three men and a woman - chained themselves to a concrete pyramid placed on the railway track near Hitzacker. The device was so ingeniously constructed that police gave up trying to open it and were bargained to admit publicy that they were capitulating before the farmers released themselves. The action delayed the CASTOR train by 14 hours. Pictures provided by PubliXViewing, more on this action at http://www.publixviewing.de/index.php?cont=news&id=169&n=1.


Sun 10:59 pm > Hitzacker: A third blockade has formed, 15 people sitting at Rail km 184 within view of the pyramid on the rails.  


Sun 10:46 pm > Kacherien: Between Kacherien and Brandleben ten tractors were detained and are to be confiscated.  


Sun 10:46 pm > Hitzacker: Evacuation seems imminent, more police massing, hindering journalists.  


Sun 10:43 pm > Hitzacker: The end of the CASTOR train now stands 300m  in the Dannenberg direction behind the former Harlingen station.

Sun 10:34 pm > Tollendorf: Info point Rosa will close at 10 pm .


Sun 10:31 pm > Dahlenburg: Train stands at station. 


Sun 10:29 pm > Dahlenburg: Stopped in  Dahlenburg. 

Sun 10:28 pm > Hitzacker: After 14 hours those chained to the pyramid have decided to end the action


Sun 10:24 pm > Harlingen: Within view of the rail squats near Harlingen the CASTOR train has stopped.


Sun 10:19 pm > Harlingen: The CASTOR train passes Harlingen and approaches Hitzacker.


Sun 10:16 pm > Platenlaase: Police try to clear the road with tractors they’ve confiscated.


Sun 10:14 pm > Tollendorf: Infopoint Bunte Hütte closing for today, infopoint Rosa will work through the night.


Sun 9:56 pm > Harlingen: The CASTOR train moves past Harlingen in stop-go mode.

Sun 9:50 pm > Stopped at Harlingen underpass.

Sun 9:49 pm > Liepe: Concrete on the rails.

Sun 9:48 pm > Waddeweitz: 80 people in good spirits gathered at the roundabout.


Sun 9:47 pm > Passed Harlingen underpass.


Sun 9:45 pm > Waddeweitz: 80 people at the machinery drift. No police.

Sun 9:45 pm > Grünhagen: The second advance train stands unlit near Grünhagen at Rail km 189.5.

Sun 9:41 pm > Hitzacker: 100 people at the second blockade behind the railway crossing in Hitzacker and more coming


 Sun 9:39 pm > Metzingen: Abnormally broad police barricade on Route B216 in the direction of Lüneburg which can’t be overtaken.

Sun 9:38 pm > Lüchow: There are objects lying on at various spots on the road from Lüchow to Gartow.

Sun 9:32 pm > Harlingen: First advance train has passed.

Sun 9:31 pm > contrAtom media release: “Immediate political capitulation!” – CASTOR transport has failed. 


Sun 9:31 pm > Tollendorf: People at the Bunte Hütte and Rosa infopoints, Rosa will stay open through the night.


Sun 9:21 pm > Platenlaase: Police confiscate five tractors and arrest a farmer.


Sun 9:16 pm > Hitzacker: Second squat blockade near Hitzacker.


Sun 9:15 pm > Stopped in Lemgrabe.    


Sun 8:36 pm > Hitzacker: Due to the matryoshka (Russian doll) stacking design of the farmers’ pyramid the three men and a woman are likely to remain chained on for quite some time.


Sun 8:33 pm > Gorleben: More people streaming to the x-tausendmal quer blockade. There are now more than 1,000 there.  


Sun 8:10 pm > Through Bavendorf.


Sun 8:04 pm > Hitzacker: As well as the 400 people on the rails about the same number are standing around.


Sun 8:03 pm > Hitzacker: There appear to be several individual bracings in the farmers’ pyramid. This could take some time.


Sun 7:48 pm > Rohstorf: Near Rohstorf 30 people on the rails. The repair train has been stopped.


Sun 7:45 pm > Gedelitz: 25 residents have relocated their lounge rooms onto the village street. There’s still room on the couches.


Sun 7:39 pm > Hitzacker: Still 400 people on the rails, with people’s kitchen and music, the mood is good.


Sun 7:38 pm > Dannenberg: Warm-up rooms in restaurant "Fritz", all community houses in Dannenberg and Hitzacker are open.


Sun 7:26 pm > Through Rohstorf .

Sun 7:15 pm > Vastorf: Moving again at walking speed.


Sun 7:10 pm > Vastorf: Run continues.

Sun 7:08 pm > Vastorf: Someone has climbed trees and hung a banner saying “Resistance means life”.

Sun 7:05 pm > Dannenberg: Drivers take care! Traffic hindrances throughout the county.

Sun 6:59 pm > Gorleben: Far in excess of 1,000 people in the x-tausendmal quer blockade. Third obligatory call by police to evacuate.

Sun 6:56 pm > Vastorf: The last blockader outside Vastorf has been liberated from the concrete.

Sun 6:46 pm > Platenlaase: Heavy sand drifts, in which tractors have become trapped, on Route B248 near Platenlaase.

Sun 6:43 pm > Vastorf: 100 people beyond Vastorf heading for the rails.

Sun 6:43 pm > Hitzacker: Four farmers still locked into the concrete pyramid. Police trying to get them out.

Sun 6:35 pm > Vastorf: Last person evacuated from the concrete block.

Sun 6:33 pm > Harlingen: People can leave the kettle without their details being taken down but are ordered to stay away.

Sun 6:32 pm > Hitzacker: Before and behind the concrete pyramid there are still unhindered squat blockades.

Sun 6:25 pm > Rohstorf: At Rail km 214 30 people are sitting on the rails.

Sun 6:25 pm > Harlingen: Because of the weather, the police kettle is ended.

Sun 6:07 pm > Harlingen: 100 to 300 people in the police kettle refuse to give their personal details and stay put.

Sun 6:14 pm > Dannenberg: There’s a power outage at the Esso-Wiese, we’re switching to generator.

Sun 6:05 pm > Vastorf: Three people have been evacuated from the concrete block, one remains chained to it.

Sun 6:00 pm > Vastorf: A rail excavator has run up to the nearby blockade. The ways to there are passable.

Sun 5:56 pm > Vastorf:  Train stopped a few metres before the blockade between Vastorf and Elbe-Seiten canal.

Sun 5:40 pm > Hitzacker: 400 people squat-blocking near the concrete pyramid and the way there is still passable.

Sun 5:28 pm > The Preungesheim youth prison holding the activist climber Cecile has cut her off from communication with the outside.

Sun 5:20 pm > Run continues from Lüneburg.

Sun 5:20 pm > Two advance trains run ahead of the CASTOR train.


Sun 5:18 pm > Gorleben: Rumoured that mounted police rode into people at the sports ground. Apparently no one injured.


Sun 4:55 pm > Stopped in Lüneburg.


Sun 4:53 pm > Run continues from Lüneburg .


Sun 4:54 pm > Wendisch Evern: Squat blockade with 50 people on Kreisstraße 40 (County Road 40).


Sun 4:47 pm > Gorleben: 800 people sitting at village exit towards Laase.


Sun 4:39 pm > Vastorf: The second person has been removed from the concrete block under the rails.  


Sun 1:54 pm > Wendisch Evern:  Road squat on County Road 40 by 50 people.


Sun 1:54 pm > BI Lüchow-Dannenberg media release:  “Dropping  Gorleben is the Focus”.

Sun 1:47 pm > Gorleben: 800 people squatting at the village exit in the direction of Laase.

Sun 1:39 pm > Vastorf: The second person extricated from the concrete block under the rails.

Sun 1:36 pm > Aljarn: It’s rumoured that several powerful neodymium magnets (5 to 7 times stronger than ferrite magnets) have landed on the rails.

Sun 1:33 pm > Tollendorf: About 400 people listening to Castor Wegblasen (Blow Castor Away) at the Bunte Hütte (Colourful Hut).

Sun 1:32 pm > Gorleben: A squat blockade by the x1000malquer group has started at the village entrance in the direction of Laase.

Sun 1:30 pm > Train stopped at Lüneburg.


Sun 1:29 pm > Bardowick: Between Radbruch and Bardowick the trains was doing about 50 km/h.

Sun 1:23 pm > Through Radbruch.

Sun 1:17 pm > Through Winsen (Luhe).

Sun 1:13 pm > Gorleben: Just outside Gorleben about 1000 people from xtausendmalquer are heading for the on the road transport route.

Sun 1:10 pm > Through Stelle.

Sun 1:10 pm > Bardowick: About 50 people were rumoured to have been seen between Bardowick and Radbruch.

Sun 1:04 pm > Maschen: The CASTOR train has continued its run towards Lüneburg.

Sun 1:04 pm >Resumes its run.

Sun 12:56 pm > Tollendorf: Castor Wegbassen making loud music at Bunte Hütte north of Tollendorf.

Sun 12:54 pm > Vastorf: First person removed from the rails, three remain firmly anchored.

Sun 12:45 pm > Vastorf: All four people are firmly anchored in concrete. About 50 people and a Samba group are in attendance.

Sun 12:44 pm > Hitzacker: Police gathering near the concrete pyramid.

Sun 12:43 pm > Penkefitz: On the dike outside the village a trailer has tipped over. Coffee and cake are now being served there.

Sun 12:25 pm > Vastorf: One of the pipes has become visible, police show the construction to international exchange police personnel.


Sun 12:18 pm > Maschen: Police presence has intensified along the railway between Maschen and Lüneburg.

Sun 12:16 pm > Harlingen: The police kettle is being removed. Those who give their personal data are ordered not to come to this place, the others are detained.

Sun 12:13 pm > Liepe: Another broad concrete block has turned up between Marleben and Liepe, away from the transport route.


Sun 12:01 pm > Maschen: This CASTOR train has been en route more than 92 hours, equalling last year’s record.

Sun 11:58 am > Wendland weather service has a storm warning with great wind strengths for Wendland this evening.

Sun 11:50 am > Hitzacker: The concrete pyramid has 200 squatting guests, access remains problem free.

Sun 11:23 am > Eimstorf: Ballast stones have been removed from 20 metres of rail bed, some of the rail is hanging in mid-air.

Sun 11:23 am > Graswurzel TV media release: New film: Castor? Remove the ballast! Day One.

Sun 11:05 am > Dannenberg: 200 people on bicycles starting out from the CASTOR reloading crane for Gorleben (about 20 km) as a demonstration.

Sun 10:59 am > Gedelitz: Police presence increased between Gedelitz and the transport route. In Gedelitz the x1000malquer group is preparing squat actions.

Sun 10:57 am > Pisselberg: Police still busy “defusing” the six blinking sparkling wine bottles.

Sun 10:49 am > Hitzacker: Quite a sizeable squat is keeping the concrete pyramid in Hitzacker company.

Sun 10:47 am > Tollendorf: At the Bunte Hütte (colourful hut) the Mobile Music Fighting Wagon is pumping music into the landscape and a people’s kitchen is handing out warm food.

Sun 10:39 am > Grünhagen: A new batch of about 400 people is moving in the direction of the railway track.

Sun 10:35 am > Dannenberg: 11 o’clock news conference by BI, stone remover, farmer and squatting resistance organisations.

Sun 10:33 am > Vastorf: The Vastorf blockade has been joined by a Samba group.

Sun 10:27 am > Pisselberg: A sparkling wine carton with blinking little lights caused police to suspect a bomb and cordon Pisselberg off.

Sun 10:24 am > Pisselberg: Rumour that it’s no longer possible to get through Pisselberg to Hitzacker.

Sun 10:09 am > Splietau: At street checks police are looking for tools.

Sun 10:07 am > Vastorf: The blockade remains stable, the situation relaxed and the people on the track are fine.

Sun 9:40 am > Hitzacker: Police have made a first assessment of the concrete pyramid and commented, “This could turn into a tough one”.

Sun 9:39 am > Harlingen: Journalists were complimented out of the police kettle.

Sun 9:25 am > Vastorf: Police still haven’t sussed how to remove the people in the concrete structure from the railbed.

Sun 9:10 am > Hitzacker: Many people and three tractors have joined the concrete pyramid.

Sun 9:02 am > Waddeweitz: The Waddeweitz roundabout is passable again.

Sun 9:00 am > Hitzacker: The concrete pyramid on the rails is attracting more and more people, police can’t close off all access.

Sun 8:56 am > Harlingen: The two Robin Wood activists plucked from the trees have been set free.


Sun 8:02 am > Waddeweitz: Roundabout clogged again. 


Sun 8:06 am > Dannenberg: Because there  are still many traffic disruptions throughout the county we ask drivers to drive especially cautiously.  


Sun 7:48 am > Hitzacker: Four people of the farmers emergency association are chained to the concrete pyramid on the railway track.  


Sun 7:44 am > Robin Wood media release about  ROBIN WOOD activists chained to rails and climbed into trees. 


Sun 7:42 am > Harlingen: The squat organized by Widersetzen has been removed. 


Sun 7:37 am > Hitzacker: A concrete pyramid stands on the rails (near Freie Schule). 


Sun 7:23 am > Independent activists media release about Castor blockading chain on action in Vastorf 


Sun 7:04 am > Harlingen: Police have removed the two Robin Wood activists. 


Sun 6:43 am > Vastorf: Police are removing masses of stones from the railbed to remove the concrete lump and activists off the rails near Barendorf. 


Sun 6:30 am > Harlingen: Radio Freies Wendland reports 400 people still on the rails. 




(Click for more pictures from here)

SUN 6:03 am > Maschen: The train has been standing in Maschen for nearly 12 hours.


Sun 5:26 am > Köhlen: Police have still not managed to clear the road.


Sun 5:13 am > Harlingen: As well, there are still two Robin Wood people in the trees and two have chained on to rails.


Sun 5:11 am > Harlingen: Dispersal getting rougher, independent observers and first-aiders are pushed away.


Sun 4:52 am > Harlingen: Those carried away must be presented to a judge immediately. This is not happening, which makes the police action illegal.


Sun 4:40 am > Harlingen: Breaking up the rail squat continues. Participants are taken to the open-air detainee collection point.


Sun 4:21 am > Barendorf: Railway sleepers are being broken open with a jackhammer because the squatters’ concrete block has so far resisted.


Sun 4:01 am > Barendorf: Despite a selection of equipment, removal of activists chained to the rails is failing.


Sun 3:55 am > Maschen: All the while the CASTOR train is stationery.


Sun 3:47 am > Barendorf: The four activists have an arm each in a concrete block anchored under the rails.


Sun 3:38 am > Harlingen: Two Robin Wood activists are suspended from trees at the rail squat.


Sun 3:33 am > Harlingen: Rail squatters are carried away to an open-air detainee holding kettle that is most likely illegal.


Sun 3:26 am > Harlingen: Police have begun pulling people out of the midst of the squat and carrying them away.


Sun 3:11 am > Barendorf: Four activists still have their arms sunk in the rails. Reporters are on the spot.


Sun 3:07 am > Harlingen: Police have made the legally required third call to leave the rails.


Sun 2:56 am > Greenpeace media release about Greenpeace activists chaining on to the rails .


Sun 2:53 am > Harlingen: Police have ordered the rail squatters to leave.


Sun 2:48 am > Uelzen anti-nuclear group’s media release on the train halt in Ramelsloh.


Sun 2:36 am > Diahren: On Route 493 agricultural equipment is about to be cleared away.


Sun 2:33 am > Barendorf: Press are still being refused access to the four chained on activists.


Sun 2:26 am > Maschen: Train still standing.


Sun 2:21 am > Dannenberg: Still severe traffic disruptions in County Lüchow-Dannenberg.


Sun 2:17 am > Barendorf: Activists have chained on to the rails. Press is denied access.


Sun 1:56 am > Barendorf: A rumour that activists have chained on to the rails.


Sun 01:00 am > ausgestrahlt media release: Second largest demonstration in the Wendland in nearly 35 years | Rail squats continue: A night on the track



Sun 1:05 am  > Harlingen: The rail blockade keeps growing, now numbers 4,000 people on the rails.

Sun 00:40 am  > Dannenberg: Traffic conditions remain difficult in County Lüchow-Dannenberg with disruptions in many places.

Sun 00:29 am  > Lüneburg: The chained-on Greenpeace activists have been cut out of the railbed.

Sun 00:13 am  > Maschen: Castor train still stationary.

Sun 00:08 am  > Lüneburg: Three Greenpeace activists who had chained themselves to the rails have been cut free by police.



Saturday 26 November 2011



Sat 11:46 am  > Harlingen: Rail blockade still growing, now more than 3,200 sitting on the rails.

Sat 10:59 pm > Maschen: No news about the train, still standing in Maschen.


Sat 10:52 pm > Lüneburg: Police remove stones from the railbed under the Greenpeace activists and cut out pieces of rail with an angle grinder.   

Sat 10:36 pm > Dannenberg: We ask motorists to drive especially cautiously because of the many hindrances on county roads.

Sat 10:24 pm > Harlingen: The two rail blockades have grown together into one, involving 2,500 people.

Sat 10:21 pm > Breustian: Truck remains on the road.

Sat 10:21 pm > Volzendorf: Traffic jam.

Sat 10:20 pm > Köhlen: Bridge damage in Köhlen and sand drifts in Steine.

Sat 10:17 pm > Schmarsau/Lemgow: Past Schmarsau/Lemgow potato crates on the road are blocking traffic.

Sat 10:16 pm > Langenhorst: Sand drifts on the road.

Sat 10:13 pm > Platenlaase: A trailer on the road is slowing traffic between Platenlaase and Beutow.

Sat 10:10 pm > Waddeweitz: Roundabout blocked.

Sat 10:09 pm > Dannenberg: Many roads in County Lüchow-Dannenberg are no longer passable.

Sat 9:49 pm > Harlingen: The eight guests from Japan who addressed the rally in Dannenberg are also sitting on the rails.

Sat 9:37 pm > Göhrde: Car traffic hindered on the B216 because of a tree and sand on the carriageway.


Sat 9:32 pm > Harlingen: Rail blockers in Harlingen being supplied with bread rolls and other refreshments. 


Sat 9:30 pm > Breustian: A truck blockades the road between Jameln and Sallahn. 


Sat 9:22 pm > Pudripp: Cars and heaps of stones block the road from Pudripp to Bellahn.

Sat 9:10 pm > Lüneburg: Greenpeace activists still chained to the rails. Police are there, consulting among themselves.

Sat 8:50 pm > Harlingen: Waffles being supplied to the rail blockers.

Sat 7:46 pm > Lüneburg: Passenger trains running again on the main route between Hamburg and Hanover.

Sat 7:36 pm > Lüneburg: Intensive ID recording and searches are slowing down the dispersal of the police kettle.

Sat 7:25 pm > Lüneburg, Brücke (bridge) B4: Behind Lüneburg, Bridge B4: 8 Greenpeace activists chained in pipes in the rail bed since 7 pm., 20 activists on the track.

Sat 7:17 pm > Metzingen: 3,000 people, more than expected, have come to Camp Metzingen, making it difficult to feed them and look after them.

Sat 6:54 pm > Lüneburg: After IDs were taken down, police ended their kettle.

Sat 6:40 pm > Maschen: Train stops.

Sat 6:34 pm > Lüneburg: Police are holding 50 people in a kettle on the parking lot outside McDonalds.

Sat 6:22 pm > Ramelsloh: It appears the CASTORS are moving without an advance train or helicopter accompaniment.


Sat 6:07 pm > Ramelsloh: Moving towards Maschen at walking speed past the prior blockade location.


Sat 6:02 pm > Resumes moving from Ramelsloh.

Sat 6:00 pm > Ramelsloh: Train stopped.


Sat 5:52 pm > Castor route: The train is still moving unseen from Buchholz to Maschen.

Sat 5:50 pm > Harlingen: The folks of the sit-down blockades (Aktion Widersetzen) would be happy for people to join coming from the direction of Tollendorf.

Sat 5:21 pm > Ramelsloh: No more protesters at the track near Ramelsloh, police checking the track.  


 Police line in dark

(More pictures from here)


Sat 5:07 pm > Ramelsloh: About 80 people in police kettles, no one left on the rails.

Sat 4:56 pm > Through Buchholz.

Sat 4:44 pm > Ramelsloh: Police posted on the rails, one person injured by being bitten by a police dog.

Sat 4:39 pm > Through Riepe.

Sat 4:31 pm > Ramelsloh: 20 people on the track.


Sat 4:26 pm > Through Rotenburg.


Sat 4:08 pm > Through Langwedel.


Sat 4:08 pm > Media release by Legal-Team: Breaking the law and violence continue to characterise  police behaviour around the CASTOR delivery

Sat 4:01 pm > Harlingen: Police appear to have capitulated to the sit-down blockade. Free access to 1,800 blockers.


Sat 4:01 pm > Laase: Police let only residents pass between Laase and Grippel.


Sat 4:00 pm > Through Dörverden.


Sat 3:53 pm > Harlingen: A lot more than 1,000 people have sat down to five blockades on the rails.


Sat 3:50 pm > Laase: ID checks by police on the way to the Musenpalast (entertainment point).


Sat 3:38 pm > Harlingen: Between Rail kms 188 and 187 are two well accessible larger sit down blockades by the Widersetzen group.

Sat 3:17 pm > Posade: Almost 800 people sitting at Rail km 188, organised by Aktion Widersetzen.

Sat 3:15 pm > Gut Horn: The kettle north of Ahndorf was disbanded, the people who were in it are allowed to go.

Sat 3:14 pm > Organising alliance media statement: More than 25,000 people demonstrating in the Wendland.

Sat 3:07 pm > Streetz: Police have stopped traffic at the roundabout, letting only people through who want to go to the main rally.

Sat 3:04 pm > Through Wunstorf.


Sat 3:03 pm > Göhrde: Estimated 3,000 people involved in various actions along the Wendland railway track.

Sat 2:55 pm > Seelze: Trip resumed, headed for Wunstorf and Verden.

Sat 2:55 pm > Resumes run from Seelze.

Sat 2:37 pm > Removing stones from the rails, media release: 800 people from Metzingen heading for the railway  

Sat 2:35 pm > Dannenberg: Latest demo count 23,000  people, 415 tractors.  


Sat  2:28 pm> Harlingen: Seven police helicopters have set down  special unit police.


Sat  2:14 pm > Fulda: Outside the district court there is a solidarity rally for detained female climbers.

Sat  2:12 pm > graswurzel.tv: Castor south blockade, second attempt.

Sat  2:09 pm > Hitzacker: About 1,000 people are moving from Hitzacker to the Aktion Widersetzen (sit-down blockades) in the direction of the rails.

Sat 2:05 pm > Pommoissel: Rumours that near Pommoissel police are targeting first aiders and musicians of a Samba group with mace (pepper spray).

Sat 1:56 pm > Göhrde: Water cannon are being used at the meeting point X-Hütte near Rail Km 190.7..


Sat 1:51 pm > Göhrde: Near the railway station about 500 people are trying to get through to the track.

Sat 1:45 pm > Dahlenburg: Around Dahlenburg (Seedorf) station several groups of people are being held in police kettles.

Sat 1:40 pm > Hinkelhagen: Rail Km 189 is being repaired.

Sat 1:37 pm > Göttingen: About 100 people are taking part in a demonstration.

Sat 1:30 pm > Dannenberg: An estimated 20,000 people have gathered for the main rally in Dannenberg.



(Click for more pictures from here)


Sat 1:26 pm > Dahlenburg: White tradesmen’s clothing is not allowed to be worn to a registered rally because police regard it as passive armament.

Sat 1:24 pm > Grippel: The search of the farmstead is over, the only thing found was a pyramid of wood.

Sat 1:21 pm > Klein Gusborn: There are 415 tractors on the road between Nebenstedt and Klein Gusborn.

Sat 1:17 pm > Harlingen: Music is being played in the nearby underpass at Rail km 187.2 .

Sat 1:09 pm > Leitstade: Massive damage has been done to rails and the railbed.  

Sat 12:41 pm > Göhrde: The big picture is unclear. Several hundred people are in the forest, police are using batons.

Sat 12:42 pm: Dannenberg: Several thousand people are at each of the collection points of the big rally.

Sat 12:43 pm > Gusborn: Between Gusborn and Nebenstedt tractors are moving three abreast.

Sat 12:39 pm > Buchholz: 80 people are taking part in train stopping.

Sat 12:24 pm > Lemgarbe: Another police kettle on the road between Dahlenburg and Lemgarbe holds about 80 people.

Sat 12:08 pm > Rumour that the train has been stationary for some time in Seelze freightyards.

Sat 12:05 pm > Ahndorf: Kettled by police near Gut Horn, north of Ahndorf, are 80 people. Earlier stone had been removed near there from the railbed.


Sat 12:02 pm > Klein Gusborn: There are so many tractors of the farmers emergency association that they need two lanes.

Sat 11:57 am > Seelze: Rumour that there is a large police concentration at Seelze freightyards.

Sat 11:54 am > Graswurzel TV has put a new film online about the rally in Lüneburg.

Sat 11:51 am > Ahndorf: Police have kettled several people, using mace spray.

Sat 11:43 am > Grippel: Police searching a farmstead.


Sat 11:40 am > Klein Gusborn: Since 11 o’clock tractors of the farmers emergency association are moving at a comfortable pace from the Gussborn crosses towards the demonstration.

Sat 11:34 am > Police declare to the press that they expect “record protests”.

Sat 11:24 am > Posade: Rail bent at track kilometre 187.7.

Sat 11:19 am > The Greens: Kiel greets the Wendland!

Sat 11:17 am > Harlingen: Stones have been removed from the railbed en the route around rail km 187.

Sat 11:14 am > Schulterschluss-Gruppe Lüchow-Dannenberg media release: New start in the search for a final repository? The “white map” already has a fat black patch: Gorleben.

Sat 11:11 am > Posade: Around Rail km 188 about 80 people are on the rails.


Sat 11:10 am > Hanover: The CASTORS are on the freight route towards Seelze.

Sat 11:09 am > Through Hanover.

Sat 11:06 am > Metzingen: Citing prevention of danger, police have confiscated a press vehicle.

Sat 11:03 am > Through Laatzen.

Sat 11:00 am > Through Rethen.

Sat 10:52 am > Nordstemmen: The CASTORS leave Nordstemmen, continuing towards Hanover.

Sat 10:59 am > Through Nordstemmen.

Sat 10:46 am > Metzingen: Police cordons round the village have been removed.

Sat 10:36 am > Dumstorf: The smashed info point north of Dumstorf is being rebuilt. Helping hands and chocolate would go down well.

Sat 10:35 am > Dahlem: The “Castor Schottern” (remove stones from railbed) has started, about 500 people from Camp Dahlem are heading to the tracks.

Sat 10:24 am > Eschede: Spontaneous, good-humoured rally of about 150 people at Eschede station.

Sat 10:21 am > Tollendorf: A registered vigil has started in the forest north of Tollendorf.

Sat 10:20 am > Dahlem: Police have encirlcled the camp near Dahlem, anyone wanting to go through the cordon is checked and searched.

Sat 10:17 am > Langendorf: At the Robin Wood tree house those interested in climbing can try it out.

Sat 10:12 am > Dannenberg: Traffic radio - from west and North via B191 or B248, parking lots are signed; from East on B191, then bypass L256 to the swimming pool.

Sat 10:09 am > Suderburg: Permanent vigil would be happy to get visitors.


Sat 10:06 am > Dumstorf: Radio Freies Wendland reports that neo-Nazis devastated the vigil neat Dumstorf during the night.

Sat 10:01 am > Train through Northeim.

Sat 9:45 am > Through Göttingen.

Sat 9:55 am > Dahlem: 500 people have set out for the rails.

Sat 9:50 am > Through Nörten-Hardenberg.

Sat 9:37 am > Metzingen: Police confiscate all gloves they find on people.

Sat 9:34 am > Cine Rebelde publishes video of the southern Castor blockade.

Sat 9:25 am > Dannenberg: Reminder of a 10 am news conference by all nuclear-critical organisations and parties in Dannenberg Rathaus.


Sat 9:07am > Hebenshausen: The train is rolling at walking speed past the dispersed blockade.

Sat 9:00 am > Journey resumed from Hebenshausen.

Sat 9:02 am > Hebenshausen: Train still stopped to allow reboarding of police who got out to remove track blocker.

Sat 9:00 am > Neu-Eichenberg: After a short run the train has stopped again between Neu-Eichenberg and Hebenshausen.

Sat 8:43 am > Hebenshausen: A female journalist has sustained a bite wound from an unleashed, unmuzzled police dog.

Sat 8:28 am > Journey resumed from Neu-Eichenberg.

Sat 8:06 am > Metzingen: The police kettling the village are searching people for gloves and any utensils that might be used to remove ballast stone from the railbed.

Sat 8:01 am > Metzingen: Police positioned on all access roads and checking people who want to leave the village.

Sat 7:54 am > Hebenshausen: Blockading people being bashed with truncheons, some being detained.

Sat 7:50 am  >  Metzingen: Police being concentrated in the Tollendorf direction and on Route B216.

Sat 7:30 am  >  Blockade by more than 100 people has stopped the CASTORS near Hebenshausen.

Sat 7:28 am  >  Stopped at Neu-Eichenberg.

Sat 7:10 am  >  Through Witzenhausen.

Sat 7:23 am  > Hebenshausen: Between 50 and 80 people on the rails at several places.

Sat 6:56 am  >  Through Hannoversch-Münden.

Sat 6:37 am  >  Behind Kassel the train turned towards Göttingen.

Sat 6:30 am  >  Through Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe.

Sat 6:19 am  >  Through Guxhagen.

Sat 5:50 am  >  Left Bebra heading for Kassel.

Sat 5:50 am  >  Resumes journey.

Sat 5:40 am  >  Locomotive being changed.

Sat 5:21am  >  Stop in Bebra.

Sat 05:10 am  >  Harlingen: Correction four people detained.

Sat 05:07 am  >  Sieglos: Train no longer accompanied by the helicopters.

Sat 05:01 am  >  Through Sieglos.

Sat 05:03 am  >  Metzingen: 18 people injured, four arrested at the clashes. http://www.publixviewing.de/index.php?cont=news&id=144&n=1

Sat 04:39 am  >  Journey resumes from Hünfeld.

Sat 04:00 am  >  Buchholz: Evening lantern procession by about 30 people in front of the station.

SA 01:18 am:  >  Through Gelnhausen.

SA 01:09 am:  >  Through Langensell.

SA 01:04 am:  >  In Hanau the train turned off towards Fulda.

SA 01:00 am:  >  Through Hanau.  

SA 00:51 am:  >  From Mainaschaff two helicopters are accompanying the train.

SA 00:46 am:  >  Departs Mainaschaff heading towards Hanau.

SA 00:41 am:  >  Through Mainaschaff.

SA 00:30 am  >   Resumes journey in Babenhausen.

SA 00:33 am:  >  Fulda: Blow Away CASTOR to continue in the park house of the university, where there are now 30 people.

SA 00:26 am:  >  Marbach/Fulda: Radio Freies Wendland reports four people suspended over the railway tracks near Marbach, trains continuing to run under them.

SA 00:24 am:  >  Fulda: After police orders, Blow Castor Away has ended, 20 people had taken part.

SA 00:16 am:  >  Harlingen: After a tire breakdown in a police vehicle there were turbulent scenes which have calmed down again.

SA 00:14 am:  >  Babenhausen: Rumour that the train will have a logistics stop in Babenhausen.

SA 00:09 am:  >  Metzingen: Police move out Metzingen camp and withdraw to the road.


Friday 25 November 2011



FR 11:51 pm:  >  Metzingen: Journalists being massively prevented from reporting, are physically attacked, reporters of the ZDF TV broadcaster are not allowed through.

FR 11:30 pm:  > Metzingen village surrounded by police.  

FR 11:15 pm:  > Journey resumes from Grube Messel.

FR 11:13 pm:  > Metzingen: Police bring water cannon into the village.

FRI 10:56 pm  >  Train stopped just before Hassloch because someone jumped on to a CASTOR railcar.

Fri 10:00 pm  >  Train stopped at Grube Messel for people on the track.

FRI 10:50 pm  >  Through Darmstadt-Kranichstein.

FRI 10:43 pm  >  Through Darmstadt.

FRI 10:40 pm  >  Hitzacker: Police checking rail track between Hitzacker and Metzingen.

FRI 10:39 pm  >  Darmstadt: 100 in a vigil being kettled by police.

FRI 10:23 pm  >  Through Gross-Gerau.

FRI 10:28 pm  >  Fulda: Since midday a vigil outside Fulda station, 30 protesters and lots of police.

FRI 10:11 pm  >  Schweinfurt: 30 in a lantern procession demonstrated at the station.

FRI 10:07 pm  >  Göttingen: 250 people and 14 tractors in an evening demo.

FRI 10:00 pm  >  Through Biblis.

FRI 9:59 pm  >  Suderburg: A paperchase has taken 20 people to the railway track.

FRI 9:50 pm  >  Through Lampertheim.

FRI 9:47 pm  >  Nuremberg: Since the afternoon 10 people have kept up a vigil on the Liebesinsel.

FRI 9:36 pm  >  Kassel: More than 50 people in an evening vigil at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe station.

Fri 9:30 pm  >  Through Mannheim.

FRI 9:29 pm  >  Passing over the Rhine bridge from Ludwigshafen to Mannheim.

FRI 9:26 pm  >  Through Ludwigshafen.

FRI 9:17 pm  >  Harlingen: About 200 people dancing polonaise to music by “Atomkraft Wegbassen” (Blow Nuclear Power Away), police not joining in.

FRI 9:03 pm  >  Middefeitz: Two overturned tractor trailers lay on the road for an hour and a half, now police street clearance dozers at the scene.

FRI 8:55 pm  >  Rosdorf: With 13 Tractors and two horses around 50 people are demonstrating by the rails.

FRI 8:42 pm  >  Lüneburg: More than 1,200 people gathered outside Lüneburg station, police also there, mood is peaceful.

FRI 8:27 pm  >  Küsten: Still 80 people there, but police have ended the road blockade.

FRI 8:19 pm  >  Breese an der Marsch: Meiselgeier concert for  250 people begun at the info point.

FRI 8:28 pm  >  Hassloch: Train moves out at walking speed.

FRI 8:27 pm  >  Through Hassloch.

FRI 8:19 pm  >  Warburg: 50 people took part in a vigil.

FRI 8:08 pm  >  Hassloch: Correction > The train is stopped outside Hassloch. Police say the stop may take some time, but reason is unclear.

FRI 8:04 pm  >  Oldendorf an der Göhrde: 30 people gathered at the info point to watch a film about final storage of nuclear waste.

FRI 7:54 pm  >  Hassloch: Train stops behind Hassloch because people are again on the track.

FRI 7:46 pm  >  Stopped in Hassloch.

FRI 7:43 pm  >  Neu Tramm: 50 people have gathered outside the barracks with music and soup, only driving access is via Riekau.

FRI 7:35 pm  >  Through Hassloch.

FRI 7:33 pm  >  Neu-Tramm: 30 people listening to music outside the Neu-Tramm police barracks. Police have made themselves an access lane with barriers.

FRI 7:32 pm  >  Darmstadt: 30 people in a firebrand procession in Darmstadt-Kranichstein.

FRI 7:30 pm  >  Breese in der Marsch: Correction > The grilling is not in Breselenz, but in Breeser Weg near Breese in der Marsch.

FRI 7:28 pm  >  Lüneburg: The demo procession through Lüneburg comprises more than 1,000 people, moving to music to the station.

FRI 7:26 pm  >  Hassloch: 80 people kettled by police, who haven’t got complete control.

FRI 7:19 pm  >  Breese in der Marsch: Vigil by 70 people.

FRI 7:09 pm  >  Hitzacker: Rally slowly coming to an end with music and food.

FRI 7:02 pm  >  Harlingen: Electronic music played by “Atomkraft Wegbassen” (Blow Nuclear Power Away).

FRI 6:56 pm  >  Suderburg: 50 people with firebrands and drums strolling  on the rails.

FRI 6:54 pm  >  Middefeitz: Vigil by 30 people.

FRI 6:50 pm  >  Dannenberg: Firewood running out for the people’s kitchens on the Esso-Wiese, wood donations much appreciated.

FRI 6:47 pm  >  Lüneburg: A demonstration by 400 moving towards the station.

FRI 6:35 pm  >  Resumes journey from Neustadt.

FRI 6:29 pm  >  Küsten: 30 people and two tractors on Route B493.

FRI 6:25 pm  >  Hitzacker: 300 in vigil at Hitzacker station.

FRI 6:19 pm  >  Harlingen: A drummer loudly played his kit in the Harlingen underpass, putting to flight a squad of 100 police.

Fri 4:38 pm  >  Graswurzel TV: New Greenpeace film saying Gorleben is not safe from a terrorist attack.

Fri 4:36 pm  >  Suderburg: Delays on the railway line from Hamburg to Hannover caused by people having stepped onto the track.

Fri 4:18 pm  >  Passed through Bexbach.

Fri 4:11 pm  >  Hassloch: Police have closed vehicle-capable tracks to the railway line near Hassloch, but walkpaths are free.


Fri 4:08 pm  >   Resumes journey from Neunkirchen.

Fri 4:03 pm  >  Near Hassloch about 150 people have gone onto the railway track.

Fri 3:49 pm  >  Speyer: Activist rally finished, some participants heading for Hassloch.  


Fri 3:24 pm  >  Govelin: Mounted police drove people from the clearing at the X-hut. A scheduled plenary meeting could not take place.

Fri 3:23 pm  >  Gross Gusborn: Painstaking checks of vehicles between Grippel and Gross-Gussborn.

Fri 3:15 pm  >  Göhrde: Off limits police orders are placed on several locations around the Göhrde forest.

Fri 3:01 pm  >  Leitstade: Police have positioned water cannon and threatened to use them.

Fri 2:54 pm  >  Obervellmar: Already yesterday fire broke out in a cable shaft of the railways. Federal police assume it was a CASTOR-related attack.

Fri 2:42 pm  >  Hitzacker: Police twice this afternoon checked pupils travelling on the school bus from Hitzacker to Gartow.

Fri 2:29 pm  >  Oldendorf: Near Oldendorf on Route  B216 a support point has been set up with Internet, information and food.

Fri 2:23 pm  >  Grünhagen: Near here stones were also removed from the rail track. Track repair teams are on the job.

Fri 2:16 pm  >  Göhrde: Police press releases say police vehicles were set on fire by unknown persons in Leitstade and Tollendorf.

Fri 1:44 pm  >  Neunkirchen: Train has been rearranged since 1.33 pm and radiation measurements are still taking place.

Fri 1:35 pm  >  Dumstorf: Ballast stones are being removed from the railbed south of  Dumstorf.

Fri 1:30 pm  > Robin Wood media release: ROBIN WOOD climbers move into tree house next to the CASTOR route.

Fri 1:25 pm  > In Dumstorf police have kettled 40 people.

Fri 1:23 pm  >  In Grippel police are searching vehicles at both entrances and exits.

Fri 1:13 pm  >  Govelin: Police moving water cannon and road clearance dozers towards Govelin in the Göhrde forest.

Police line in dark


Fri 1:09 pm  >  Posade: At the railway crossing Posade/Hinkelhagen (more pictures from here) 30 good-humoured people are held in a police kettle.

Fri 12:57 pm  >  Republic of Free Wendland media release: Resistence knows no borders – greetings from the Wendland to the activists in France

Fri 12:54 pm  >  In Harlingen, by checking people, police are trying to prevent access to the  Göhrde forest by prematurely citing the general edict to stop demonstrations 50 metres either side of the railway tracks.


(Click for more pictures from here)


Fri 12:18 pm  >  Göhrde: More than 500 people are moving through the Göhrde forest, some tracks have been “lost” (ie. barricaded with forest materials).

Fri 11:55 am  >  Greenpeace media release: Gorleben temporary repository (a light construction hall) is not protected against a terrorist attack

Fri 11:54 am  >  Langendorf: The situation has eased at the tree house of Robin Wood, people can try out climbing as a leisure activity.

Fri 11:42 am  >  Dannenberg: Press conference hears that more than 2,000 protesters have already come into the Wendland to oppose the CASTOR transport.

Fri 11:26 am  >  Gorleben: Documents presented by Greenpeace prove that the temporary repository in Gorleben is not safe against terrorist attack, the waste delivery has to be stopped immediately.

Fri 11:12 am  >  Internet rumour: It appears that through the night the web page of the Kerntechnischen Gesellschaft (nuclear technology company) was hacked and has since been kept offline.

Fri 11:02 am  >  Langendorf: Police prevent climbing by Robin Wood on a privately owned plot of land, prematurely acting on a general decree banning demonstration 50 metres either side of the railway.

Fri 11:00 am  >  Metzingen: About 500 good-humoured people set out on the Ralley Monte Göhrde.

Fri 10:56 am  >  Speyer: More than 200 people at a rally.

Fri 10:55 am  >  Neustadt an der Weinstrasse: The CASTOR guardians were spotted.

Fri 10:49 am  >  Neunkirchen: Outside Neunkirchen the train had to stop briefly because of people on the track.

(Click for more pictures from here)


Fri 10:45 am  >  Stopped on Neunkirchen.

Fri 10:17 am  >  Saarbrücken: The CASTORS reached Germany via the border crossing between Forbach and Saarbrücken.

Fri 10:14 am  >  Through Saarbrücken.

Fri 10:01 am  >  Through Forbach.

Fri 9:37 am  >  Passed through Faulquemont

Fri 9:25 am Dannenberg. 11 am news conference on the Esso-Wiese to mark the arrival of the CASTORS in Germany.

Fri 9:24 am  >  Vigil on Speyer cathedral square since 9 am waiting for the CASTORS.

Fri 9:20 am  >  Rémilly: Train heads towards Forbach and the Saarland border crossing.

Fri 9:14 am  >  Train departs Rémilly

Fri 9:10 am  >  The accompanying train left Karlsruhe at 8:30 heading west.

Fri 9:07 am  >  Neunkirchen: Police numbers increasing at railway stations along the CASTOR route through Saarland state.


Fri 8:37 am   >  Rémilly: A spokesman for the French police told journalists and Greenpeace the CASTORS would enter Germany via Forbach.

Fri 8:34 am   >  Graswurzel TV has a new film online about the farm machinery display in Metzingen.


Fri 7:56 am  > Rémilly: According to Sortir de nucléaire police are marshalling in Rémilly, departure preparations are underway.


Fri 6:55 am  >  Rémilly: Contrary to all rumours and wrong reports, the CASTORS are still in Rémilly, not moving.




Thursday 24 November 2011



Thu 11:39 pm  >  Metzingen: According to Radio Freies Wendland 20 demonstrators were injured (pictures) by mace (pepper spray) and one by bruising.  


Thu 9:17 pm  >  In Rosdorf near Göttingen 11 tractors and even more people are holding a vigil.  


Thu 9:13 pm  >  Metzingen: Route B216 is clear to traffic again and under police guard. People are still gathered in Metzingen.

Thu 9:09 pm  >  Metzingen: Hundreds of activists still assembled despite police actions.

Thu 9:03 pm  >  Suderburg: 100 demonstrating people jogged to the railway station whether they have started a permanent vigil.

Thu 8:55 pm  >  Metzingen: Riot control chemicals  are being mixed into the water shot by the water cannon, pepper spray (mace) (pictured) is also being used.
Thu 8:35 pm  >  Metzingen: Police start using a water cannon. About 1,000 people remain on Route B216.

Thu 8:30 pm  >  Metzingen: First police call to leave the road. Around Metzingen water cannons and armoured street clearance dozers are deployed to deal with the farm machinery display.


Thu 8:19 pm  >  Metzingen: The rally has dispersed, people have spread out to Route B216. Traffic is stalled.

Thu 8:08 pm  >  Metzingen: About 3,000 people in the village, partying to loud musical accompaniment.

Thu 7:57 pm  >  Metzingen: Rally has ended, several hundred to a thousand people gathered. Traffic flows unhindered.

Thu 7:51 pm  >  Rumour in Rémilly that the French interior ministry said the CASTORS would resume the journey tonight.

Thu 7:42 pm  >  Graswurzel TV media release Kickoff rally for the South Blockade

Thu 7:33 pm  >  Metzingen: The Mobile Music Fighting Wagon is present, after the rally, lanterns are to be lit and agricultural machinery is to be displayed.


Thu 7:30 pm  >  Metzingen: 500 people at the rally, police not allowing anyone on to Route B216.


Thu 7:17 pm  >  Lüchow: 200 people in a vigil (pictures) on Lüchow’s market square.

Hitzacker lanterns   Hitzacker

(Click for more pictures from here) 


Thu 7:14 pm  >  Hitzacker: With about 100 people a lantern procession (pictures) has made a slight and unchallenged detour to the railway track.    


Thu 6:56 pm  >  Göttingen: Demonstration starting with more than 100 people and several tractors.

Thu 6:50 pm  >  Rémilly: CASTOR radiation of 37 µSv/h, 25 µSv/h of it neutron radiation and 12 µSv/h gamma radiation measured two metres away.



(Click for more pictures from here)


Thu 6:20 pm  >  Metzingen: Police massing in the Pudripp and Tollendorf directions, rally due at Tollendorf at about 9 o’clock.


Thu 6:22 pm  >  Hitzacker: Lantern procession by about 150 people.

Thu 6:11 pm  >  Uelzen civic action group’s media release on the start of CASTOR protest actions in Uelzen county.


Thu 4:50 pm  >  Rémilly: Still no official word when the train will leave and on what route.

Thu 3:50 pm  >  Information rally about blocking the southern route in Café Palaver, Karlsruhe, at 8 pm.

Thu 3:47 pm  >  AREVA hosting a news conference in Rémilly about the Castortransport.


Thu 2:00 pm  >  In the border area the routes to Wörth and Saarbrücken are being patrolled by helicopters.

Thu 1:40 pm  >  Police being massed in Berg.

Thu 12:44 pm  >  Dannenberg: At 1 pm press conference at Esso-Wiese in Dannenberg to introduce the protests against the waste delivery.

Thu 12:35 pm  >  Climbing-activists of the Robin Wood organisation have set up a tree house in Langendorf next to the CASTOR route.


Thu 12:16 pm  >  The most varied sources are saying that the CASTOR train is to be kept in France until tomorrow.

Thu 12:00 noon  >  Police forces have been marshalling for some time in Forbach.


(Click for more pictures from here)


Thu 11:21 am  >  The schoolchildren’s demo in Lüchow (photos) has swollen to more than 2,000 people.


Thu 11:17 am  >  A staff member of SNCF, the national French railway corporation, has told the German dapd news agency  that the CASTOR train is planned to cross into Germany tomorrow.

Thu 10:40 am  >  It is rumoured that the train would remain parked for some time in Rémilly.

Thu 10:14 am  >  1,400 people and 10 tractors have gathered for the demonstration by schoolchildren in Lüchow.

Thu 10:06 am  >  CastorTV reports live from the demo by schoolchildren in Lüchow

Thu 10:00 am  >  More than 200 protesters have rallied in Berg, Rhineland-Palatinate.

Thu 9:54 am  >  Locomotives and police personnel travelling on the CASTOR train are being exchanged in Rémilly.


Thu 9:39 am  >  Train waiting in the station of Rémilly to resume the trip. This is where it’s decided whether it turns off to Forbach.

Thu 9:28 am  >  More than 200 police waiting for arrival of the CASTOR train in Rémilly.


Thu 9:21 am  >  Halted in Rémilly.

Thu 9:12 am  > Through Metz

Thu 8:56 am  > In Lüchow young supermarket shoppers are being searched for eggs and the like after shopping. At 9:30 a demonstration by schoolchildren is to start there.

Thu 8:16 am  >  Journey resumes in  Lérouville.

Thu 8:15 am  > A permanent vigil began in Breese in der Marsch at 8 am.

Thu 8:06 am  >  In Lérouville radiation of 0.45 µSv/h was measured 30 metres away from the CASTORS.


Thu 8:00 am > Halted in Lérouville

Thu 7:50 am > Rumour: According to the German news agency, dpa, a 24-hour halt of the Castor train before it reaches the Franco-German border is under consideration.

Thu 7:38 am > At a distance from it of 2 metres a CASTOR radiates 1.65 µSv/h at background radiation of 0.13µSv/h

Thu 7:25 am > Through Bar-le-Duc

Thu 5:20 am > Moves on from Reims

Thu 4:30 > Stopped in Reims

Thu 2:14 am > Longueau: Sortir du nucléaire reports a photographer managing to get onto the rails where the train is parked without being stopped by police.


Thu 3:05 am > Train has run through Laon, expected in Reims in about an hour.


Thu 2:52 am > Through Laon

Thu 1:33 am > The train has left Longueau, heading for Reims, the southern route.


Thu 1:15 am > Through Longueau




Wednesday 23 November 2011



Wed 11:42 pm > Through Amiens

Wed 10:38 pm > Outside Rouen the train was held up several times by disruptive actions of activists.


Wed 10:39 pm > Sortir de nucléaire reports the train passing Monterolier-Buchy, an hour and a half behind schedule.

Wed 10:23 pm > Passing through Monterolier-Buchy.

Wed 10:00 pm > Passing through Saint-Martin du Vivier.

Wed 10 pm > Radio Wendland reports all arrested people released, all injured left care.

Wed 9:27 pm > Reporters of the ZDF German television say 16 people were arrested in Valognes and three people were slightly injured. Radio Freies Wendland reported 19 arrests; people leaving camp in Yvetot-Bocage are checked by police.

Wed 6:40 pm > Train passes Caen

Wed 6:38 pm > Yvetot-Bocage Police searching the protest camp near Valognes.

Wed 6:16 pm > Lüneburg All passenger train traffic between Lüneburg and Dannenberg has ceased.


Wed 6:14 pm > Göttingen: at 4 pm demo by kindergarten kids and parents, with kick cars and tractors.


Wed 5:53 pm > Caen: Group of protesters.

Wed 5:18 pm > Rouen: About 80 people demonstrating.


Wed 4:55 pm > Train runs through Flottemanville.

Wed 4:55 pm > Flottemanville: The Castor train has left Valognes on its second attempt.

Wed 4:18 pm > Valognes: Radio Freies Wendland reports the train stopped again after a few hundred metres because of warning signals.


Wed 4:03 pm > Valognes: Sortir de nucléaire reports three arrests and 2 injured in protests.

Wed 4:01 pm  > Valognes: journey resumed.

Wed 4:01 pm > Valognes: The train has departed.


Wed 4:00 pm > Valognes: Rumour that train has started.


Wed 4:11 pm > At Dahlem near Dahlenburg another protest camp was approved.


Wed 4:10 pm > Valognes: Rumour that Castor train departure delayed until about 3.30 pm.

Wed 4:08 pm > Valognes: One protester injured by police beating with a truncheon, several peaople suffering the effects of teargas.


Wed 4:03 pm > Valognes: Railbed being repaired under police protection.

Wed 4:00 pm > Wendland: Radio Freies Wendland begins broadcasting.

Wed 3:39 pm  > Rumour that the village of Quickborn is being kettled. It's claimed that an explosives sniffer dog had found something.


Wed 3:54 pm > A loud demonstration with 500 school kids taking place in Göttingen.

Valognes: The departure of the CASTOR train appears to be delayed because rails and railbed were damaged.

Wed 3:28 pm > Valognes: Police pursue activists wanting to return to camp, protesters have been injured.


Wed: 2:51 pm > Quickborn: The suspected explosive was a mock-up, a cardbox box with “Peng” (“Bang!”) written on.


Wed 2:42 pm > Valognes: The loss of railway power was caused by a fire set in a transformer box.


Wed 1:49 pm > Valognes: Rumour that the railways have lost power near Valognes, cause not known.





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