Solidarity with detained anarchists in Belarus!

Transpi in Rostock

For 12. - 15. may there was a call for common actions in solidarity with the anarchists in belarus. To support the detainies and also the local working activists a variety of action took place in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Germany.


Repression in Belarus

In the beginning of september 2010 a wave of repression against social activists and especially from anarchist szene in Belarus erupt. As a trigger therefor functioned for the security forces an arson attack against the russian embassy in Minsk. Just bevor the coming the presidential elections this was a suitable reason for the lukashenko-regime to eliminate critical voicesIn the course of that nearby 100 activistis from different cities (grodno, brest, gomiel, minsk, soligorsk, babrujsk, novopolotsk) were brought to questions to the KGB, search warrant were executed and during this time a lot of people were arrested. 7 personen of the anarchist movement are still in custody, partly since september last year. There are obviously infringements of human rights on the part of the security forces and the ambitions of the regime are clear: demonstration of power and show trials to knock out regime critics. The detained are accused to be responsible for a variety of action against the State and capital in 2009 und 2010. In the beginnings of investigations of the „proceedings against the anarchists“ they were charged under articlls 339.2 (hooliganism), what imply a detention about 6 years. As recently as throughout the investigations in the “Verfahren gegen Anarchist_innen” they were blamed further offences, like article 218.2(3)“intentional destruction or damage to property” and “computer sabotage” (Part 2 of Art. 351 Criminal Code). Defendants face up to 12 years imprisonment.

The trial startet in may mai in court of minsk. Support is needed urgently!

International soli-action-days 12.-15- may

For 12. - 15. may there was a call for common actions in solidarity with the anarchists in belarus. To support the detainies and also the local working activists a variety of action took place in russia, belarus and germany. even if these actions have rather symbolicly character, nevertheless these actions convey the feeling to people in belarus not to be alone in the fight for freedom, because its our common fight against oppression and repression!

So in st. Petersburg was hang out a banner from the top of the belarussian consulare office with the appeal <<Свободу свободным! Луку на муку>> („Freedom for the free ones. Luka to flour!“)(Article in russian with Photos, Video).

At 14. may anarcho-syndicalists organised in Kiev a revolutionary meeting, of wich about 35 people participated in. Everything happend within two pickets: at metro-station „University“ gathered some jung people and holding a banner with the appeal: „Нет политическим репрессиям» („no political Repression“) und «Лукашенко – народа душитель, менты – его псы, репрессии и угнетения – его усы!» („Lukashenko – strangler of the people, cops – his tykes , Repression and Opression – his whiskers!“). Meanwhile flyers and the journal „Anarchy“ were distributed. The second picket where held in front of the belarussian embassy. Here was presented a small direct-action-theatre. The main subjects were power, the state and its intstitutions of repression, wich arrest and eliminate everybody who has its own opinion. In the ending was figured out the rebellion and the fight against the system ans the state. (more in russian & more Photos). In Moscow in the evenings of 15. may took action place in solidarity with the detainies. Some people gathered for a small Demonstration trough the streets od Moscow up to belarussian embassy, where a small picket was held. (in russian with Photos & Video).


during the whole weekend in some other cities like Gomel (Russland), Zlobin (Belarus), Voronezh (Russland) und Novorossiysk (Russland) the cityscapes were beautified with graffities, stencils and stickers. With the demands of solidarity with the detained in belarus and the call for their release, activists tried to draw citizens attention to the situation. (In russian with Photos: Novorossiysk, Woronesch, Gomel, Zhlobin, Woronezh, Novorossiysk)





also in rostock (germany) took action place in solidarity with the detained anarchists and social aktiviests in belarus. so at this weekend a banner wich titeled „freedom not belarus – fuck off luka“ was hang out above a motorwaybridge, where every morning a lot of people passing by on there way to work, and a second one with the call „give people of belarus a voice“ at an exterior wall of an house. there also appeared stencils in the centre of the city and flyers wich informed people about the wave of repressions since september last year, the situation of the detainies and the recent actions within the international soli-action-days from 12. till 15. may wich took place in st. petersburg, kiev, moscow, gomel, zlobin, voronesh, novorossiysk and rostock itself.

abolishing all borders!

there is no limit to solidarity!

freedom for all detainies!


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