international preparation meeting against G8-G20 France 2011

The next international preparation meeting will be held at thelast weekend of April (Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th and Monday 25th) in Lyon.


The exact location can only be revealed a few days before to avoid any repression fot the people living in

The adress will be announced a few days before on and by mail

For those coming from far it is possible to arrive on friday Remember to take warm clothing, blankets, mats,..

06 29 95 03 29 - 0033 6 29 95 03 29

Calls for the mobilisation and minutes from the past meetings are all here :

The money raised is for the food, the squat, riseup, and travel costs for those who got issues to pay their ticket.


Saturday, April 23rd

10h30 : Welcome on site. Installing and practical organization, preparing the place for our needs. This time of reception, information and installation is important for the rest of the weekend and requires the participation of everyone.

11h00 : Plenary Assembly.
1 - Presentation of the participants.
2 - Organisation of a facilitation group for all discussions of the weekend: facilitator, moderation, translation, taking of minutes, etc
3 - Results from the mobilisation : Texts, local group, actions...
4 - Presentation and reports of the working groups.
5 - List of decisions we need to take.

14h00 : Food

15h00 : Working groups

20h00 : Results from the groups

21h00 : Food and Party

Sunday, April 24th

10h30 : Time for welcoming, waking up, breakfast. ( This clarification seems perhaps futile, yet necessary to respect the needs and rhythm of everyone throughout the weekend and welcome and inform people which were not present the previous day.)

11h00: Plenary Assembly
1 - Recall of decisons we need to take and summary of the groups.
2 - Discussion on issues/questions/proposals from the groups
3 - Task list for the groups

14h00 : Food

15h00 : Working groups

20h00 : Results from the groups, list of tasks and problems remaining

21h00 : Food and Party

Monday, April 25th

10h30: Time for waking up, breakfast, gathering

11h00 : Working groups on issues highlighted by the results of Sunday

13h00 : Food

14h00 : Plenary Session
1 - Synthesis from the working groups
2 - Temperature and collective decisions

17h00 : Debriefing of the week-end.

17h30 : Cleaning up, putting back the site in the state we found it, would
be nice if people could stay and help !