Film: In Oaxaca nothing happens?

En Oaxaca no pasa nada?

The Year 2006, Oaxaca, Mexico. A teacher's strike is brutally reprimanded by the local authorities. The population then decides to overthrow the authority and govern themselves. After six months, President Fox deploys special armed forces to "restore order". The is very little coverage of the events by the media.Two years later, many still hope for a social change and dream of revolution. This film is born from the want to understand what drives a woman or an elderly person to leave their homes to build barricades.


Produced 2009 by Technologï System Produczion
Directed by Emilienne Tempels
Distributed by Cine Rebelde
Spoken languages: Spanish and French mixed
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German
DVD, 44 minutes