[Charlottesville/S] Solidarity with Charlottesville!

Solitranspi am Linken Zentrum Lilo Herrmann in Stuttgart

On the past weekend thousands of Antifascists stood against the US-wide convergence of Fascists in Charlottesville. The Pictures of successful militant actions spread around the world such as the ones of the act of the Nazi James Alex Fields which rushed into a gathering of counter-demonstrators, injured at least 19 of them and killed our comrade Heather Heyer.


What happened in Charlottesville shows so much. It shows how encouraged Fascists feel when their instigation is taken on by established bourgeois parties. It shows once more that the state and the police facing far-right terror sees the once as opponents, which are standing against the Fascists and acting against those by all means. But it also shows that a consequent antifascist struggle is necessary, justified and effective.


But the terror-acts of the far right in Charlottesville make us mourning and angry. Mourning for the death of one of us. Angry with the murderers – yes we are not speaking only about James Alex Fields. Murderers are also those, which prepared the ground for this murder with their inhuman instigation. That means alsoangry with the instigators in the White House and all the other palaces of capital and its states.

This anger gives us power and encourages us for our fight. Every step we go, every small and big fight we fight, we go and fight also for Heather and all other murdered Antifascists from all countries.


Never forgive, never forget!

All the best and strength to the injured! Such as their friends an families and those of Heather!

Rest in Power Heather Heyer!