“There Will Be a Before and After Charlottesville”: Some Notes


Oh the Grouch gonna get serious.

Ahem. In the lead up to the Unite the Right rally, Alt-Right authors made it clear that they were putting all their eggs into this shitty ass basket. They wrote, “There will be a before Charlottesville and an after Charlottesville.”

You were right about that you frog fucking fucks.


The Alt-Right fucking lost – hard. They lost because their goals for the rally completely and totally failed. They did not ‘Unite the Right.’ Proud Boys were largely no shows. Even Based Stickman stayed away. On Twitter, most people on the Right seem to be pushing the line that Charlottesville was a trap, was a “staged Soros false flag” and other such nonsense, and generally saying the same lame Right bullshit they always say when they have to justify distancing themselves from something.


They lost, because just as we predicted their entire presentation was an optical nightmare from David Duke talking about Trump, some man yelling about “The Jews” on Fox, people with Adolf Hitler shirts and actual Nazi flags walking around like they were at Disney World, Nazis carrying tiki torches while wearing red hats and screaming “Hail Trump!,” and people giving out Seig Heils like they were Valentines Day cards. Totally fucking shit show.


I want people to really appreciate how much an utter and complete optical disaster this is. The Alt-Right is dead. Not in the sense that they will simply give up tomorrow, but in that the rebranding project to make the Alt-Right something beyond paleoconservatism of old and the neo-Nazism of people like George Rockwell – is done. Spencer could shrug his way out of “HeilGate” but he can’t shrug this shit off. Before Charlottesville they could kinda get away with pulling this “racist hipster” bullshit, but after Charlottesville it will be impossible. Despite Spencer saying that “we’re getting media coverage” if you actually read any of it – it’s totally bad. Back to the drawing room goys!

They lost because they had to put massive amounts of resources and money into this – and it doesn’t look like they’re getting it back. The major party fundraiser for Unite the Right was shut down and a lot of money seems to have been lost.


They lost because their ’cause’ to rally around didn’t really attract hardly anyone outside of their scene. Despite trying to attach themselves to ‘white causes’ (largely immaterial things like caring about some rock in the middle of a park) this isn’t really a winning strategy for them. Support and numbers at Trump and “Free Speech” rallies are down, and even most Confederate related events turn out low numbers.

They lost because they didn’t have a rally. The fascists were pushed out of the park before 12 PM when their rally was supposed to start. Physical removal. 

They lost because they were pushed out of the city. Despite all their months of tough talk and bullshit about “war” and “Auschwitz,” the Alt-Right got removed like lint in a dryer trap. They were literally begging police to let them back in the park. Ironically, if they would have listened to the city and had their rally at the other park where it was bigger and only had one road to go in and out of, they probably wouldn’t have had any problems.

Ironically, for all their talk about wanting to ‘disband the empire’ and ‘basic bitch conservatism,’ this is also where people like Kessler and Spencer will throw their biggest hissy fits – over the fact that the police didn’t give them any special treatment, they simply stood aside and let it happen.


The moment from the rally today where speaker Chris Cantwell is maced and is told:

"We're going to fucking kill them. I promise you that." pic.twitter.com/WHU5XfXeHW

— Jack Smith IV (@JackSmithIV) August 13, 2017


They lost because we had way more people, pulled from the local community, and mobilized a broad base of support. From what I’ve heard, the people leading things where Charlottesville locals. People that knew the town and knew the area. These people also came out to confront the Nazis and also were celebrating with counter-demonstrators when that car barreled down the alley.

Remember that the Alt-Right shipped people across the country for this; it wasn’t just a local or regional endeavor. Also for all the supposed millions of meme frog fucks out there in the Alt-Right digital media landscape which make up it’s “movement,” and all the boastful talk on AltRight.com and The Daily Stormer, it seems only around 500 people actually came out on their side. In other words, their numbers were lower than they hoped for and they had to pull from KKK groups to make their quota. And when push came to shove and things were essentially evenly matched between those on the streets actually throwing down, they lost. 

They lost because they horrifically murdered someone and injured up to 20 more. The whole country has been galvanized by this tragedy; sympathy for antifascists and those willing to physically oppose the Alt-Right is now probably the highest it has ever been. This gut and instinctive working-class reaction of solidarity and support to those standing up to fascists and racists is also a cold slap in the face to both the liberal piece of shit “both sides” crowd as the “Left wing terrorism” shills bowing to the Trump administration. Funny how when real shit goes down and people come together to mobilize we all stop listening to the idiotic upper-middle class pundits and start listening to ourselves. Let’s keep that theme going, shall we?


They lost because Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, and all their other shitty ass leaders look like goddamn fuck clowns. Seriously these people actually fought back against the police, only suffered minor arrests, and then cried about it like little spoiled brats about it. Nathan Damigo who was booked and released is crying on Periscope that the police “violated his civil rights.” His father fucking shot and killed someone. His whole family are former or ex-police officers and prison guards. STFU! Go ask your rich pig daddy what happens to most people when the fight back against the police Nathan, the fact that you got off with a ticket means your rich white ass suffered nada.

Richard Spencer literally went to a room somewhere after being pepper sprayed by the police and then made a video threatening the Mayor and City officials with his shirt off, and then proceeded to launch a string of whine whine tweets telling his Nazi followers to leave the city limits and crying about how horrible the police were. Baked Alaska ran through the crowd crying like a 4 year old who got his dick caught in his zipper, screaming that he had been maced. If you haven’t seen this shit yet you have to. Goddamn these people are pathetic. 

And as always, Spencer and Peinovich were evacuated and protected at all costs while the rank and rile Nazis were left to fend for themselves. Already I’m hearing rumblings of Alt-Right people who are sick and tired of Spencer dipping and leaving everyone else behind and I expect the complete and total failure of Charlottesville to make these tensions explode.


They lost because their “secret” torch march on Friday, August 11th wasn’t so secret and they literally attacked a group of 20 students that included kids as young as 17. While I’m sure that the torch march will be used in Nazi recruiting videos for years to come as some glorious stunt, in reality images of over 500 Nazis surrounding 20 kids who refused to back down while they had racial slurs screamed at them and were beaten, doesn’t help them. 

While Trump may have given the Alt-Right the “space to destroy,” Trump isn’t that popular right now, and the Alt-Right is seen as an acceptable portion of Trump’s base to attack. Get em tiger! In short, the Alt-Right is gonna be attacked and thrown under the bus for this, by a lot of people.


Last tweet of neo-Nazi group Vanguard America, who's member drove over 19, killing one says, "Bystanders won't understand." #DefendCville pic.twitter.com/2tYMAO33vg

— It's Going Down (@IGD_News) August 13, 2017


And see, the Alt-Right actually doesn’t give a shit about a mass movement, despite what it says. It isn’t interested in ‘hearts and minds.’ It wants to get disaffected young men into it’s movement but for everyone else – fuck you. Thing is, historically fascism has been backed by big business because it was a good weapon against the Left and working-class struggle. Today it’s not that different, just look at the Mercer family or the wealthy people who back AltRight.com. But fascism still has to pull from some sort of base, which is why the Alt-Right hitched to Trump so hard. But after Charlottesville, that base is going to push back, hard. And where it doesn’t, we should be there to poke, push, and explode the contradictions.


Lastly, the Alt-Right lost because the driver of the grey Charger is a member of Vanguard America, a group which provides security detail for Richard Spencer. The 20 year old’s Facebook has already been found and it’s full of memes of Trump, Pepe the Frog, and Nazi bullshit. We’re all gonna have a field day with this, but for the Alt-Right, they won’t like being drug into the limelight. Suddenly the Dylann Roof or Jeremey Christian of the week isn’t someone that’s one circle removed, but someone that is them. And this is something that is going to be blasted into every television screen, every magazine cover, and every news station. It’s now going to be a lot harder for police and politicians to protect the Alt-Right and give them cover. We should think about that. From the trolls staffing The Daily Caller to people like Kyle Chapman, we have more wiggle room now.

They fucking lost. 

Our Side

Long live Heather Heyer! Rest in power! pic.twitter.com/SsiofqAgUn

— It's Going Down (@IGD_News) August 13, 2017


Charlottesville was horrific. An amazing comrade was killed, many more were hurt. People will carry scars for years to come. But this isn’t new. They shot us in Seattle and Minneapolis. They stabbed us in Anaheim and Sacramento. Bloodied us in Berkeley and Portland. We’re still here and we’re still fighting.

Remember that the fastest growing demographic that is fleeing the Trump base is white men without college degrees. The whole country is turning against Trump – and these idiots still want to wear red hats and scream “Hail Trump” like anyone thinks that is cool still. Fucking pathetic. We have an opportunity to have not only a conversation with millions of people but also engage them in action, organization, and mobilization on a mass scale. Let’s do it.

But we won Charlottesville not just because we beat the Nazis off the streets, but because we approached it as a serious mobilization and organized with broad masses of people. Moreover, the liberal “two sides” argument has been attacked and ripped to pieces. Groups like the ADL, SPLC, and ACLU who have coddled the Nazis are told people to ‘just ignore them,’ are getting so much shit that a lot of people are now waking up to how stupid that line of thinking is.


Thoughts for the Future

First and foremost we need to take care of people. Check in with them, make sure they are okay, and make a plan to get aid and money to those that need it. We need to honor the memory of Heather Heyer and support her family and friends.

We need to demonstrate solidarity, thousands are already taking to the streets.


Ask @stan_state why they let violent Nazi Nathan Damigo attend while his troops beat up teenage students in #Charlottesville. #DefendCville pic.twitter.com/hsgfcFV4O1

— It's Going Down (@IGD_News) August 13, 2017


Let’s also not kid ourselves – the Alt-Right isn’t over. They’ll fraction and split after this, but they are not over. While we expect some bickering to break out, at the same time, some in Nazitown will probably begin to endorse more open calls for murder and violence, especially as they see more populist forms unworkable.


But moreover, we need to seize this moment, because it is one where we can push a large amount of people towards active mobilization and organization. Alt-Right rallies are still being planned across the US. Let’s use this momentum in our favor and keep at it. We also need to think hard about getting campaigns organized for the Nazis who came out to Charlottesville. Where do they work, where do they go to school? We can leverage a lot of pressure now. Let’s use it. Lastly, let’s attack liberal arguments whenever they pop up, as well as push those in the media who give a platform for the Alt-Right to stop doing so.


You may now return my trash can from the middle of the street.

Its Going Down

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...Organisator der gestrigen Fascho Demo wurde heute aus der Stadt gejagt, als er versuchte in Charlottesville eine Pressekonfernz abzuhalten. Die Bullen konnte gerade so verhindern, dass er ordentlich auf die Fresse bekam.

In Ferguson wurde die heutige Solidaritätsaktion am Busch Stadium von Comrades mit umgehängten Waffen gesichert.

Immer wieder in der Geschichte werfen die Faschisten die Menschheit um Jahrhunderte in der zivilisatorischen Entwicklung zurück oder stürzen die Welt an den Abgrund der totalen Vernichtung.

Eine solche Zeit ist wieder angebrochen.


"I don't want hear any more ‘we need to listen to the other side’.

Sorry, but the ‘other side’ stands for racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry - and they've talked long enough. Time for them to shut up, sit down, and learn to be decent human beings."


Es ist an der Zeit in den Kampf zu ziehen! Faschismus ist keine Meinung!