(Bern) Communiqué Queer-feminist Nightwalk

Queer-feministischer Nachtspaziergang (1)

We Female-Lesbian-Trans-Inter-Genderqueer-People (FLTIQ*) took the streets to show our anger against the patriarchy and all other forms of opression.

About 400 joined the colorful march through the streets of Bern demanding to be seen and respected as human being independet from self determened gender or sexual orientation.

Only people that define themselve as FLTIQ*-People took part in the demonstration to create a space outside of a cis-men dominated World, free from sexistic, heteronormative stereotypes, sexual and sexist assaults, verbal and physical violence, as well as a homophobic and transphobic state of mind.

Trough out the whole demonstration, the police was present with water cannons and lots of police. The federal parlament was secured in advance and all roads leading to it were blocked. Once again the state tried to protect and sustain the system. But we will not be stoped by the the state or anyone else. Our fight against the patriarchy and all other forms of opression can not be silenced. We'll be back!


In solidarity with the nightwalk a few cis-men organized a critical discussion about manhood. Later on they prepared and served a meal outside the Reitschule.


At the moment there are also various events of the queer-feminist agenda taking place.

Come and take part in discussion, workshop and inputs. More informations: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/210129