Gambia: KMC denies receiving 2.2 million euros for the dumpsite

Earth works at Bakoteh dumpsite

The Kanifing Municipal Council has denied receiving the 2.2 million Euros contract sign between the K  M C and the Italian company J M P on the Bakoteh, dumpsite.

BY Madiba Singhateh

The environment manager, Mr Dodou Jallow said this in response to claims by the Bakoteh/Manjai committee members that the KMC was given money, but refused to work on the dumpsite. 

The position of the youths is that the KMC should totally stop the dumping of solid waste at the site while the KMC wants to continue using the site while working on it at the same time.

Yesterday the youths of Manjai stopped a bulldozers from working at the site, but later work continued when the police intervened and advised them to act lawfully and promised to facilitate a discussion with the KMC who told Foroyaa earlier that their doors are open for discussion.

Pa Camara from the community said they want to go K M C to discuss the issue, adding that since the beginning they have not invited them to any meeting.

“We got the police on the ground to know what has happened and they advised us to do everything according to law. That’s what we have now agreed to do and we are going to get to them again,” he explained.

He said the police has promised them that they will have audience with the K M C.

“As of now we asked the bulldozers to continue to work we have been asked to go to Kairaba Police Station,” Camara disclosed.

Speaking to Foroyaa, the Manager of the environment, Mr Dodou Jallow denied the allegation that they are unwilling to talk to representatives of the community.

He further indicated that it is wrong to say they have done nothing regarding the dumpsite. He argued that for the first time as a council they developed a waste management plan, they could have validated it six months ago but this did not happen because of constraints and their desire to do justice to the plan. He opined that the KMC has been doing a lot regarding dumping and waste management but the public keeps on blaming them.

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