Young anti-coal nighttime activists visit Westpac banks across Australia

Westpac Don't bank on coal

On Monday night, under the cover of darkness, hundreds of young people covered Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth with a new message that is impossible for the Westpac bank to ignore. So many of you chipped in to clap back at Westpac after we walked out of the pointless meeting they called last week. And boy did we give Westpac a headache. The stickers, the posters, the chalking and the infamous ATM screens meant our message was unmissable in every CBD across the country as thousands of Westpac staff arrived at work on Tuesday morning. Westpac know that while they continue to invest in fossil fuels, they’ll continue to lose their reputation with their customers and the public as “the world’s most sustainable bank,” and actions led by young people will only continue.


So we’ve got to keep the pressure up. They’re currently writing a new sustainability policy and we’ve got a small window of opportunity to make sure it includes no funding for Adani’s coal projects. 


Next week is their 200th birthday - their biggest marketing moment of the year - if we can make as much noise as possible about their continued investments in fossil fuels, we can push them to make the right decision about Adani before June.


There are 3 things you can do right now to amplify our message to Westpac:



Write on Westpac’s wall or hit them up on Twitter asking them why they still haven’t ruled out financing Adani’s coal mine (if you’re a customer, be sure to mention that!)

“Celebrate” Westpac’s 200th birthday with us, get involved in a week of creative stunts during Westpac’s biggest marketing week of the year #StopAdani



Adopt your local Westpac branch - Already 150 bank branches have been “adopted” - visit your local branch with our team of volunteers and talk to bank staff about why you want them to rule out funding for Adani’s coal projects.


We can do this. We’ve done it together before. You, along with our powerful grassroots network of volunteers forced CommBank, NAB, and ANZ to distance themselves from Adani’s dangerous coal projects. We repurposed their brands with the truth, we spoke to their staff, and used countless cheeky tactics to push them to make the right decision.


Now it’s just Westpac. They’ve already invested $643 million in Adani. Together we can stop the flow of money from destroying our shot at a safe climate future.


You and me, we’re going to stop Adani, we’re in this fight every single day together until we win. We know we can create a better future, where communities don’t get destroyed for the sake of a new coal mine, where renewable energy powers our lives, and our generation has a brighter future to look forward to.


Thank you so much for doing everything you can to stop Adani,


Gemma on behalf of the whole AYCC team


P.S. Check out our action-packed video of the night here on Youtube.  Share it with your mates so Westpac know that we are everywhere.  Share it with your mates so Westpac know that we are everywhere.    


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